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The West gives Israel a passport to kill

23 February 2010
Ask yourself a question when considering the news that an Israeli hit squad used British passports during the assassination of a Hamas leader: What would the reaction of the British government have been if Iranian agents had used such documents in order to eliminate an opposition leader living abroad?

Reveal - rapping in Iran

19 February 2010
Reveal, from the hip-hop outfit Poisonous Poets, was the winner of the 2000 UK Freestyle Championships. He will be performing at the Beats Beat Sanctions fundraiser in aid of Campaign Iran next week.

Blair: No regrets and I’d bomb Iran

02 February 2010
"The decision I took—and frankly would take again—was if there was any possibility that he could develop weapons of mass destruction we should stop him.

Meeting to discuss Iran, Wednesday 3 February

01 February 2010

Iran's movement is back on the streets

05 January 2010
The opposition movement that emerged after Iran’s presidential election last June has defied the government clampdown by using official events to organise mass demonstrations.

Britain's hypocrisy over Iran

05 January 2010
Foreign secretary David Miliband has posed as a friend of the movement, calling on the Iranian government to "respect human rights".

Iran protests break out again

08 December 2009
Protests against June’s disputed Iranian election results broke out again this week.

Iranian refugees in Calais: ‘The Basij crushed my fingers’

29 September 2009
One activist agreed to take us to a secret location near Calais university, where a group of Iranian students were hiding.

Hypocrisy over threats against Iran's nuclear programme

29 September 2009
The threat of war against Iran stepped up last week as Barack Obama warned he will not rule out military action unless Iran agrees to "come clean" on its nuclear programme.

Iranian clampdown continues against activists

28 July 2009
Isa Saharkhiz, a leading pro-reform journalist and political analyst in Iran, has been arrested and his ribs broken under interrogation, according to information sent to Socialist Worker.

Still taking to the streets in Iran

21 July 2009
More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Tehran on Friday of last week in the biggest show of defiance since a crackdown on mass protests against elections widely thought to be rigged.

Iranian movement defies state repression

14 July 2009
Pro-democracy protests in Iran have continued despite a bloody crackdown by the authorities.

Iran crackdown continues

07 July 2009
The Iranian authorities have continued their repression of the popular movement that burst onto the streets following disputed presidential elections.

Iran’s reformist leaders retreat from protests

30 June 2009
The Iranian authorities have used heavy repression to help them weather two weeks of mass demonstrations that have rocked the country. But the contradictions inside Iran, and the discontent among ordinary people, remain unresolved.

Iran repression: a regime in crisis

23 June 2009
Iran is in the grip of a popular rebellion, the like of which has not been seen since the 1979 revolution.

Protests bring a chance of change for Iran

23 June 2009
The Iranian revolution of 1979 was a mass popular uprising. Some 30 years on, the Iranian people are again out on the streets in their millions.


23 June 2009
Class questions over Mass protests in Iran I support the protests in Iran wholeheartedly and I’m very excited by the potential for change. If people have more freedom they will be more able to campaign in the future.

Workers’ action is key to the success of the Iranian movement

23 June 2009
The diversity of the movement in Iran reflects the different forces that have been drawn onto the streets.

A vital moment for the movement

23 June 2009
Events in Iran are at a pivotal moment. This is a struggle over the legacy of the 1979 revolution.

Behind Iran’s rising

23 June 2009
The Iran that emerged after its long and bloody war with Iraq in 1988 was not one envisoned by those who rose to power after the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

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