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23 June 2009
Class questions over Mass protests in Iran I support the protests in Iran wholeheartedly and I’m very excited by the potential for change. If people have more freedom they will be more able to campaign in the future.

Workers’ action is key to the success of the Iranian movement

23 June 2009
The diversity of the movement in Iran reflects the different forces that have been drawn onto the streets.

A vital moment for the movement

23 June 2009
Events in Iran are at a pivotal moment. This is a struggle over the legacy of the 1979 revolution.

Behind Iran’s rising

23 June 2009
The Iran that emerged after its long and bloody war with Iraq in 1988 was not one envisoned by those who rose to power after the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

The West’s bloody role in the Middle East

23 June 2009
There is a dark shadow that hangs over all events in the Middle East. In Iran they call it the "hungry wolf". Imperialism has been such a destructive and powerful force in the region that many suspect that it has a hand in all events that take place there.

Who’s who in Iran

23 June 2009
Ayatollah Khomeini – Cleric who rose to power in the 1979 revolution. Supreme leader until his death in 1989.Ali Khamenei – A key figure in the revolution and Iran’s president from 1981-9. He became supreme leader following Khomeini’s death. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Won the 2005 elections, and was declared winner of the 2009 elections. He rose through the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards during the war with Iraq.Mohammad Khatami – Considered the figurehead of the reform movement. Won the 1997 presidential elections and was re-elected in 2001. Although popular, he is widely seen as faili

Iran's rulers divided as anger bursts onto the streets

16 June 2009
The elections in Iran, and the mass protests against fraud that followed, have revealed the deep divisions at the heart of Iran’s ruling class.

Lies, treachery and bribes at the heart of the Iranian system

16 June 2009
Iran is a country ravaged by corruption. Ordinary people have to pay bribes for services to policemen and state officials.

State was born in revolution

16 June 2009
The Islamic Republic of Iran was created by a mighty, popular revolution 30 years ago that overthrew the Shah.

People power rocks Iran

16 June 2009
There is a new popular power sweeping Iran. In one of the biggest mass demonstrations since the toppling of the US-backed Shah in 1979, some one million people descended onto the streets of the capital Tehran to protest at an election widely seen as rigged.

Double standards on racism as leaders pour scorn

21 April 2009
Western politicians and journalists were queuing up to denounce the speech delivered by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at the United Nations anti-racism conference earlier this week.

Iran’s 1979 revolution

20 January 2009
The US government hates Iran. One reason for this is that when the Iranian people overthrew a brutal dictator in 1979 they also inflicted a massive blow to US imperialism in the Middle East.

Campaign against the deportation of Child M

16 September 2008
Child M (who can’t be named for legal reasons) is aged eight. He lives in Manchester with his mother, brother and sister.


12 August 2008
Persepolis is the cinematic adaptation of Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel, which is based upon her life growing up in Iran.

US troops have Iran in their sights

29 July 2008
The US is planning to send tens of thousands of troops to Iraq’s border with Iran in a move that threatens to escalate tensions across the Middle East.

Gordon Brown says he is a friend of Israel

22 July 2008
Gordon Brown used an address to the Knesset – the Israeli parliament – earlier this week to make new threats against Iran and label those who oppose Israel as "antisemites".

Israel’s threat to Iran pressures US

08 July 2008
The US is so bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan that recent threats by Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear sites has sent waves of panic through the US military.

Don’t forget Iran

01 July 2008
The threat of George Bush authorising an attack on Iran remains a live one.

Israel's latest threat to drop bombs on Iran

24 June 2008
The dangers of a war on Iran moved one step closer last week as Israel conducted a "training mission" over the eastern Mediterranean sea.

Demonstrators defy the police to protest against George Bush’s visit

17 June 2008
The real aim of George Bush’s visit to Britain became clear on Monday when Gordon Brown announced more British troops for Afghanistan and "further sanctions" on Iran.

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