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Solidarity with the fightback in universities

Solidarity with the fightback in universities UCU union activists planed protests and rallies on Thursday this week against mass job cuts and the gutting of education.

Allan Matusevics 1960-2020

Allan Matusevics 1960-2020 SWP member Allan worked at Wallington sorting office where he took his role as CWU trade union rep very seriously

Post bosses retreat, but don’t trust them

Post bosses retreat, but don’t trust them A major deal is in the offing. Workers shouldn’t accept any deal that asks them to make sacrifices for bosses’ profits.

Postal workers leave work in Barnsley over Covid-19 safety fears

Postal workers leave work in Barnsley over Covid-19 safety fears Royal Mail postal workers in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, left their workplace on Monday over coronavirus safety fears.

Unison grows + BT crisis + RSPCA cuts + School safety + Curtain falls on jobs

Unison grows + BT crisis + RSPCA cuts + School safety + Curtain falls on jobs The Unison union says it has seen a surge in membership with more than 90,000 people signing up ​this year.

Bridgwater postal workers walkout over manager’s attacks

Bridgwater postal workers walkout over manager’s attacks Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, walked out unofficially on Thursday of last week and voted to stay out on Friday.

Derby care homes saved + BT terms fight + NHS safety scandals

01 June 2020
In the face of a union campaign and mounting public pressure, Derbyshire county council last week announced a reversal of plans to close seven care homes in the county.

Royal Mail boss Rico Back bows out - but fight to defend workers is not over

15 May 2020
Royal Mail’s hated chief executive Rico Back suddenly resigned on Friday—two weeks after workers delivered him a humiliating blow.

Openreach: fury over holiday attacks AND Union criticises Vivid Housing

04 May 2020
The CWU union has expressed its anger and dismay at telecommunications firm Openreach’s decision to announce unagreed changes to its approach to annual leave.

Workers’ anger forces Royal Mail bosses into retreat

02 May 2020
Royal Mail bosses have backed off from a major attack on jobs and working conditions

Royal Mail bosses ‘declare war’ on postal workers with major assault on jobs

30 April 2020
National strikes in Royal Mail could be back on the cards

Police riot van arrives after Royal Mail workers oppose management

23 April 2020
Bosses at a Royal Mail mail centre called the police after two workers refused to cooperate with bosses’ “unreasonable” demands.

Post workers strike in Suffolk over coronavirus safety fears

21 April 2020
Postal workers in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, walked out briefly on Friday of last week over coronavirus health and safety fears.

Four work stoppages by postal workers over coronavirus safety fears

12 April 2020
Union rep says 'If people don’t feel safe they should remove themselves from the building"

Royal Mail workers stage unofficial walkouts over coronavirus safety

01 April 2020
Workers in at least two Royal Mail offices in Scotland have struck unofficially over coronavirus safety fears.

Thousands across the country clap to show solidarity with the NHS

27 March 2020
The #ClapForOurCarers this week was a huge, grassroots event that reflected a desire by ordinary people to show solidarity, pull together and help one another in difficult times.

No hand sanitiser, no social distancing, no protection – workers speak out

25 March 2020
Tube workers in London are furious at being asked to risk their health by working in unsafe conditions as the coronavirus crisis grows.

It is no time for a truce with bullying post bosses

24 March 2020
Walkouts by postal workers on Monday in Bridgwater in Somerset and Southwark in south London underlined the angry mood among post workers.

Reports round up: Deal agreed at Harrods

10 March 2020
Security guards and CCTV operators at Harrods department store in west London have accepted a deal over pay and working conditions.

Final week to win massive strike vote in Royal Mail

10 March 2020
Royal Mail workers are campaigning hard to win a national strike ballot by the biggest majority possible.

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