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Respect rallies bring surge of members

25 June 2005
About 200 people packed the Respect meeting with George Galloway MP and John Rees at the CWU union conference last week.

A knife edge debate at the CWU conference

18 June 2005
The annual conference of the postal and telecom workers’ CWU union came very close to telling the Labour Party that it would cease all funding to the party from 1 November.

Post sell-off plan sparks CWU row over Labour funding

11 June 2005
A sharp political debate has broken out inside the postal and telecom workers’ CWU union about the Labour Party.

CWU elections

04 June 2005
Elections for the postal executive of the CWU union saw left candidates keep their positions. Socialist Worker supporter Jane Loftus was re-elected with one of the best votes, drawing support from all regions of the union.

Postal workers demand action over privatisation

21 May 2005
Postal workers have demanded tough action from their CWU union leaders in response to signs that the government and bosses at Royal Mail may be taking giant strides towards privatisation of the post.

T-Mobile still won’t talk to communication workers

19 March 2005
Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) have condemned phone giant T-Mobile for its continued refusal to negotiate with or recognise their union.

Postal workers

29 January 2005
THE POSTAL workers’ CWU union has received information that Catford and Lewisham Crown post offices in south London are being considered for privatisation. The prospective buyers have visited the offices to measure them up and assess the viability of the proposed sale.

Postal Workers

11 December 2004
Crown Post Offices Counter staff in the CWU union at over 300 Crown post offices are balloting for official strike action this week. The ballot is part of a national dispute over Christmas Eve opening hours.

Broad trade union backing for ESF

14 August 2004
THE CWU postal and telecom workers’ union is encouraging members to come along to the European Social Forum to be held in London from 14 to 17 October.

CWU conference

26 June 2004
THE CWU postal and telecom workers' union conference had a good spirit about it, particularly in the postal section. A year of sharp struggle has given the members new confidence. Although there are big challenges ahead, there is a sense of new beginnings and a determination to relaunch the union with greater rank and file control and involvement.

Crucial debate stymied

19 June 2004
THE CONFERENCE of the CWU post and telecom workers' union began on Sunday-but bureaucratic manoeuvres immediately forced off the agenda the issue which many activists regard as crucial. The question of the union's relation with Labour and the possible democratisation of the political fund were due to be discussed on the first day.

May Day greetings reach new heights

01 May 2004
THE MAY Day greetings in Socialist Worker had to expand from their planned pages to pages 16 and 19 this week. One of those involved in putting together the pages says, \"It is the first time we have ever had a greeting from a national union. There are more messages from regional bodies than before and more that have been passed officially through union meetings rather than paid for by a group of readers. It's very impressive when you look at how many have come from unions like the CWU postal and telecom workers' union. Our only problem over the last week has been trying to cram in all the messages we received!\"

Political fund

27 March 2004
THE Communication Workers Union (CWU), with 280,000 members in the post office and telecoms, is set to debate its relationship with Labour at its conference in June. Already one of the union's biggest branches, covering Edinburgh and Lothian, has affiliated to the Scottish Socialist Party.


20 March 2004
THE Communication Workers Union (CWU) telecom executive is calling on BT workers to accept the latest offer over London weighting. But many members are angry at the call. The offer is for a £200 increase now and a further £25 next year.

Post workers

06 March 2004
AROUND 100 postal workers walked out of the West Derby sorting office in Liverpool on Wednesday of last week. They were protesting at the behaviour of a local manager. Mark Walsh of the CWU said, "We actually followed the process in place, which is a grievance procedure between Royal Mail and the CWU to try and stop this sort of action and investigate it fully.

Union members demand a voice

07 February 2004
NEW LABOUR was set to plunge itself deeper into crisis this week by expelling the union that first got the Labour Party established a century ago. Its assault on the RMT rail union is creating a storm in the wider trade union movement. Other trade unionists, including the 250,000-strong postal and telecom workers' Communication Workers Union (CWU) nationally, have rallied in support of the RMT.

Post Workers

20 December 2003
DETAILS OF the national pay and conditions deal between Royal Mail and the CWU union were emerging as Socialist Worker went to press.

Walkout brings win in Oldham

29 November 2003
AN UNOFFICIAL walkout by over 200 postal workers in Oldham, Greater Manchester, won a victory last week. Members of the CWU union walked out at 7am on Tuesday of last week in a dispute over the handling of a backlog of mail that built up during other recent industrial action.

Support the post workers' strikes

01 November 2003
THOUSANDS OF postal workers were forced to take unofficial strike action across London and Essex this week in a battle against their brutal bosses. They know their union, the CWU, and the whole way postal workers are treated at work is at stake.


11 October 2003
THE CWU postal workers' union held a national meeting for mail processing (sorting) reps on Friday of last week.

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