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Afghan war crisis deepens as troops inflict more civilian horror

10 August 2010
In the US and Afghanistan the crisis of the unending, bloody war deepens.

Afghanistan: how Nato forces gunned down peaceful protesters

06 August 2010
The release by WikiLeaks of over 90,000 secret documents has underlined the vicious nature of the occupation of Afghanistan.


03 August 2010

Documents reveal horror of Afghan war but the slaughter and lies go on

27 July 2010
The leak of over 90,000 US military documents has revealed the horror of the war in Afghanistan.

Deceit and disaster: Afghanistan laid bare by leaked documents

27 July 2010
A leak of US military documents this week has exposed the long hum of tragedy and brutality in Afghanistan.

Pictures from London anti-war meeting

27 July 2010

Leaked Afghan documents: civilian deaths

27 July 2010
The cost of human life in Afghanistan is cheap.

Leaked Afghan documents expose British atrocities

27 July 2010
The leaked documents shed some light on just a few of the horrors meted out by the British in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Time to Go - Stop the War rally on Monday

22 July 2010
A major rally takes place on Monday in London calling for the troops to get out of Afghanistan

The Great Game: Afghanistan

20 July 2010
This is an impressive festival exploring Afghan culture and history through 12 plays, a five-day film programme, a ceramic exhibition and discussion sessions.

Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton is released from military prison

13 July 2010
Joe Glenton, the British soldier who refused to fight in Afghanistan, was released from military prison on Monday after serving four months for going absent without leave (Awol).

On the road to defeat in Afghanistan

13 July 2010
Britain’s role in the Afghan war is in crisis. Commanders are planning to pull troops out of Sangin in Helmand province.

Pakistan: ‘Ordinary people in the cities have not been drawn into sectarian violence’

13 July 2010
The Attempt by US generals in Afghanistan to negotiate some sort of power-sharing arrangement with the Taliban is leading various ethnic groups to jockey for position in a new government – creating an atmosphere of tension and bitter rivalry.

Veteran's story - 'We come home and are thrown on the scrapheap'

06 July 2010
"When I was in Colchester at military prison I shared a cell with Joe Glenton," says Ross. "Joe was jailed for refusing to fight in Afghanistan."

Tories dragging their heels on Afghan withdrawal

06 July 2010
The Tory government says it has set a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan—but then said it hadn’t.

Exclusive: the story of the British soldier jailed for turning against the Iraq war

06 July 2010
"I think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wrong. These wars are illegal and we shouldn’t be out there," says Ross.

McChrystal sacking won’t solve US war crisis

29 June 2010
In April 1951 US president Harry Truman sacked general of the army Douglas MacArthur, commander of the United Nations (UN) forces in Korea.

Eamonn McCann: David Cameron's stomach-churning hypocrisy

22 June 2010
If David Cameron seriously believed that slaughtering unarmed civilians is wrong, he would cancel the imminent deployment of the Parachute Regiment to Afghanistan, where in the past year, around 2,000 civilians have been killed by US and British troops.

Afghanistan is a bloody, costly war without end

22 June 2010
The death of the 300th British soldier in Afghanistan this week marks yet another milestone in a bloody pointless war that has killed thousands of Afghan civilians.

US and Nato humiliated as Afghan offensive postponed

15 June 2010
Fears of an insurgent attack meant that David Cameron had to call off a planned appearance at a military base on his first trip to Afghanistan last week.

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