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Tories will send kids to Kabul

08 June 2010
The Tories are planning to deport hundreds of unaccompanied Afghan children to Kabul.

Unite conference: Afghanistan, pensions and global organising

02 June 2010
Afghanistan Delegates at the Unite union conference have called on the British government to withdraw British troops from Afghanistan.

Crisis in Afghanistan escalates as US deaths pass 1,000

25 May 2010
A grim milestone was reached on 18 May—1,000 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

Cutting through the election fraud

04 May 2010
The general election campaign has been a fraud. The major contenders – all three of them – failed to talk honestly about the cuts, engage with the horror in Afghanistan, or admit how hard life is for the majority of people.

Examples of the US ‘liberation’ of Afghanistan

23 April 2010
In our contemporary world where the visual message trumps the written word, photos of those killed or wounded by US/NATO actions rarely are published. They generate too much discomfort. But reports by journalists like Lynsey Addario and Alex Linschoten show the reality of what has been happening

Women in Afghanistan face oppression not liberation

23 April 2010
In 2001 the US and its allies cited the liberation of women as one of the justifications for the invasion in Afghanistan. However, almost a decade later the war rages on and the protection and promotion of women’s rights continue to be neglected. Historically war erodes the rights of women and girls and in a state which has a socio-cultural history of considering women to be subordinate to men, the war in Afghanistan has further exasperated the ill treatment of women. Sonali Kolhatkar co-director of the Afghan women’s mission stated that: "waging war does not lead to the liberation of women anywhere. Women always disproportionately suffer the effects of war, and to think that women’

Stop the War: Debating the Afghanistan ‘war on terror’

20 April 2010
Campaigners came together at a meeting called by the Stop the War Coalition on Wednesday of last week to debate the what should be a central issue of the general election – the war in Afghanistan.

Labour’s empty phrases can’t hide the horror of war

13 April 2010
Labour’s manifesto begins, "This General Election is fought as our troops are bravely fighting to defend the safety of the British people and the security of the world in Afghanistan.

Leon Kuhn: All Quiet on the Afghan Front

13 April 2010

How Nato troops hid evidence of murder in Afghanistan

06 April 2010
Nato has at last admitted shooting dead five Afghan civilians—having spent a month trying to cover up the murders.

Activist's diary

23 March 2010
Thursday 25 MarchTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition election rally, with Bob Crow, Dave Nellist, Karen Reissmann and Brian Caton, 7,30pm, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. Go to <a href="">»</a>Saturday 27 MarchAfghanistan day of action, with campaigning across the country.<a href="">»</a>Saturday 3 AprilProtest against the racist English Defence League in DudleyCalled by Unite Against FascismGo to <

Jailed soldier launches appeal

23 March 2010
Lawyers representing anti-war soldier Joe Glenton have lodged an appeal against his conviction. Joe, who refused to fight in Afghanistan, was sentenced to nine months in prison for going Awol.

Debates on the war in Afghanistan

20 March 2010
In the weeks leading to the general election Stop the War is organising debates on the war in Afghanistan.

Jail for British soldier who wouldn’t go to war

09 March 2010
Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton has been imprisoned for his refusal to fight in Afghanistan.

Anti-war soldier sent to prison

05 March 2010
Joe Glenton, the British soldier who has refused to return to fight in Afghanistan, was sentenced to nine months in military prison today.

Anger over Afghan war topples Dutch government

23 February 2010
The Dutch government collapsed last weekend as the Afghan war claimed yet another victim.

US war machine keeps lurching on

16 February 2010
Soon after the invasion of Iraq, the journalist and academic Anatol Lieven wrote that the run-up to the war had "a peculiarly nightmarish quality in the US.

Afghanistan: 'Nato bombs killed my brother's son'

16 February 2010
"We are living in filth like beggars—and it is your fault!" screamed Haji Tor Jan.

Postal worker sacked as he heads for a war zone

09 February 2010
Royal Mail bosses in Wimbledon, south London, have sacked Kevin Tester, a CWU postal workers’ union rep. He is also a part-time soldier awaiting deployment to Afghanistan.

Afghan offensive will only bring more tragedy

09 February 2010
Tens of thousands of Afghan people fled the city of Marjah in Helmand province this week, just before a planned Nato assault.

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