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What does Afghan defeat mean for US imperialism?

17 August 2021
The words of US president Joe Biden have come back to haunt him awfully quickly.

The defeat of the West’s Afghanistan war

16 August 2021
After 20 years, at least a ­quarter of a million killings and trillions of pounds spent on military assaults, the Taliban has overthrown the Western-backed government in Afghanistan.

Britain had bloody role in war on Afghanistan

16 August 2021
No one should be in any doubt that Afghanistan was Britain’s war as much as it was the US’s.

The Taliban—terror that the US made

08 August 2021
The Taliban movement is retaking control of Afghanistan after two decades of Western occupation. Nick Clark explores the group

Occupation wrong answer in Afghanistan

03 August 2021
The people responsible for wrecking Afghanistan are now wringing their hands at the chaos that they have left behind.

Afghanistan—a bloody failure for US imperialism

05 July 2021
With the last US troops set to leave Afghanistan, Socialist Worker looks at how president Joe Biden is dealing with their defeat

US says it will leave Afghanistan—a bitter defeat for warmongers

15 April 2021
But despite the promises, president Joe Biden will still try to keep control in the region

Project Selborne: military training outsourced to British, US and Israeli firms

06 January 2021
The Boris Johnson government has recently awarded a contract for running the Navy and Marine training establishments to the Fisher Training consortium.

War crimes—the West’s hidden horrors in Afghanistan

06 December 2020
Murders, torture and massacres—that’s the reality of the war in Afghanistan exposed by a report into Australian war crimes. And for all its denial, Britain is just as guilty

Biden heralds return to US ‘forever wars’

23 November 2020
Donald Trump's decision last week to cut back US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq was roundly denounced by what Barack Obama called the “blob”— the mainstream national security establishment, whether Republican or Democratic.

Afghan deal is a blow for West’s imperialism

03 March 2020
When the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, CIA officer Milton Bearden warned it could “end up on the ash heap of Afghan history”.

Don’t send Julian Assange to the US – and don’t trivialise rape allegation

12 April 2019
Julian Assange, who helped to expose Western war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, faces extradition from Britain to face the wrath of the US state.

International round up: Huge march for nurses in Ireland

12 February 2019
Huge march for nurses in Ireland

Path of Blood helps us understand contradictions of Al Qaeda

17 July 2018
The mainstream media likes to portray Al Qaeda fighters simply as fanatical terrorists, but a new documentary shows how they live, says Harjeevan Gill

Get out of Afghanistan

22 May 2018
At least 400 extra British troops could soon be sent to Afghanistan.

Payment after SAS secretly kills three men in Afghanistan

28 November 2017
The family of three Afghan farmers allegedly killed by a team of SAS soldiers was paid “compensation” by the British government

War without end in Afghanistan

26 August 2017
After sixteen years of occupation the US is preparing to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan. Nick Clark argues it could be the graveyard of empire

Anti-racist movement is new crisis for Trump

22 August 2017
Mass protests across the US have forced White House Republicans out the door, reports Alistair Farrow

SAS murders in Afghanistan are covered up at least twice

11 July 2017
Members of Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) covered up evidence that they killed unarmed Afghan civilians in cold blood

Trump's deadly posturing could cause the mother of all wars

14 April 2017
Warmonger Donald Trump ratcheted up tension across the world with a ruthless demonstration of US power this week. 

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