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Afghan deal is a blow for West’s imperialism

03 March 2020
When the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, CIA officer Milton Bearden warned it could “end up on the ash heap of Afghan history”.

Don’t send Julian Assange to the US – and don’t trivialise rape allegation

12 April 2019
Julian Assange, who helped to expose Western war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, faces extradition from Britain to face the wrath of the US state.

International round up: Huge march for nurses in Ireland

12 February 2019
Huge march for nurses in Ireland

Path of Blood helps us understand contradictions of Al Qaeda

17 July 2018
The mainstream media likes to portray Al Qaeda fighters simply as fanatical terrorists, but a new documentary shows how they live, says Harjeevan Gill

Get out of Afghanistan

22 May 2018
At least 400 extra British troops could soon be sent to Afghanistan.

Payment after SAS secretly kills three men in Afghanistan

28 November 2017
The family of three Afghan farmers allegedly killed by a team of SAS soldiers was paid “compensation” by the British government

War without end in Afghanistan

26 August 2017
After sixteen years of occupation the US is preparing to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan. Nick Clark argues it could be the graveyard of empire

Anti-racist movement is new crisis for Trump

22 August 2017
Mass protests across the US have forced White House Republicans out the door, reports Alistair Farrow

SAS murders in Afghanistan are covered up at least twice

11 July 2017
Members of Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) covered up evidence that they killed unarmed Afghan civilians in cold blood

Trump's deadly posturing could cause the mother of all wars

14 April 2017
Warmonger Donald Trump ratcheted up tension across the world with a ruthless demonstration of US power this week. 

'I've been to the area where the MOAB bomb was dropped. Civilians will have died'

14 April 2017
Nangarhar province which borders Pakistan is typical of rural areas in Afghanistan. It consists of small farming communities and is desperately poor.

British soldiers are back fighting in Iraq

21 February 2017
Also: More troops will deepen the crisis in Afghanistan

Over 450 US airstrikes go unrecorded in 2016 in Afghanistan

07 February 2017
An investigation by US armed forces magazine Military Times has suggested official statistics of bombing raids are incomplete.

Brutality lives on in US as prisons replace plantations

11 October 2016
Black people in the US make up 5 percent of the total population—but 25 percent of the prison population. This insightful documentary film exposes the reality behind the statistic.

West plots to deport Afghan refugees back to warzone

04 October 2016
Western governments and their allies are conniving to send Afghan refugees back to a warzone.

Leaks show US planned deadly raid on Afghan hospital

20 October 2015
Charity accuses US of ‘premeditated massacre’ after it bombed a hospital in Afghanistan, writes Judith Orr

Outrage over ‘war crime’ as US bombs kill 22 people in an Afghan hospital

06 October 2015
US bombs killed 22 people in a hospital in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan last Saturday. The dead included 12 doctors and ten patients. 

The drugs don’t work—behind our rulers’ Afghanistan lies

17 March 2015
John Newsinger cuts through our rulers’ tears for the British dead in Afghanistan. Here he exposes the corrupt narco regime imposed by the West

US interference in Afghanistan leaves thousands living in misery

20 January 2015
Six months after his turbulent election president Ashraf Ghani has finally formed a government in Afghanistan.

Suicide bombing at volleyball game in Afghanistan

25 November 2014
A suicide bomber killed at least 57 people at a volleyball game in Afghanistan’s eastern Paktika province last Sunday.

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