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Helicopter battle has taken off

30 August 2011
Engineers who service Apache helicopters in Afghanistan are set to strike in a pay dispute.

Afghanistan: Attack chaos

23 August 2011
A huge attack on the British Council building in Kabul last week reminded the world what an unstable place Afghanistan remains.

Afghanistan: Bloody carnage of occupation

09 August 2011
A helicopter crash in Afghanistan has killed 38 Western troops—30 of them from the US.

Essential Killing

12 July 2011
Taliban fighter Mohammed (Vincent Gallo) is detained by a US patrol in Afghanistan, and subjected to the full inhumanity of the occupation.

War refusenik Michael Lyons found guilty

05 July 2011
Michael Lyons, a Royal Navy conscientious objector, was found guilty of disobeying a lawful order at his court

Overstretched Obama’s talk of Afghanistan exit

28 June 2011
Barack Obama announced last week that "the tide of war is receding". He talked of a corner being turned in Afghanistan and stated that US troops will start to pull out next month.

Stop the War conference inspired by revolutions

14 June 2011
Over 200 activists met last Saturday at a conference on the "war on terror" organised by the Stop the War Coalition as the tenth anniversary of the Afghanistan war approaches.

Every Afghan is target for Nato

31 May 2011
A Nato air attack wreaked carnage on two extended families in Afghanistan’s Helmand province last week.

Bin Laden—from friend to foe of US imperialism

03 May 2011
Osama Bin Laden is often presented as single-handedly controlling world "terrorism" from a bunker in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It is a myth that has suited both Bin Laden and his enemies.

A bloody war in Afghanistan, thousands of lives lost, what have we gained?

03 May 2011
The war in Afghanistan is in its tenth year. Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have died, and 2,375 foreign troops have been killed, including 1,509 US and 360 British soldiers.

Obama’s Afghan exit strategy

03 May 2011
Barack Obama concluded his announcement that US forces had assassinated Osama Bin Laden by saying, "Tonight, we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to."

British cover-up over torture continues

19 April 2011
The Ministry of Defence must release some information on people held or captured by British forces in Afghanistan, according to an administrative appeals tribunal ruling.

Armadillo, directed by Janus Metz Pedersen

12 April 2011
This Danish documentary is about the Armadillo "forward operating base" in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, shared by Danish and British troops.

All the banners on the TUC anti-cuts demo, 26 March 2011

31 March 2011
Acton Community Theatre Afghans Against Neo-Feudalism Alexandra Park School Anglesey Primary School Against the Cuts Artists Against Cuts Arts Against Cuts Aslef Black and Ethnic Minority Members Aslef Doncaster Aslef Glasgow Aslef Kings Cross Aslef Leeds 116 Branch Aslef LGBT Aslef national banner Aslef Port Talbot Aslef Ramsgate Aslef Southern Region Aslef Waterloo Nine Elms Aslef Women Members Association of Educational Psychologists Association of Musical Marxists Association of Revenue and Customs</

'Kill team' shows the horror of Afghan war

22 March 2011
Some 4,000 photographs and video clips have been discovered in the possession of US soldiers, depicting the murder, torture and humiliation of Afghan citizens.

The bloody history of Nato's intervention in the Balkans

15 March 2011
Many people who are horrified by what Western intervention has done in Iraq or Afghanistan still see no alternative to supporting a no-fly zone over Libya.

Navy medic refuses to fight in ‘war based on lies’

18 January 2011
Michael Lyons has got a fight on his hands—and he intends to win it. He is a 24 year old Navy medic, and a conscientious objector. He believes that the US and British occupation of Afghanistan is based on lies and greed.

New war resister

11 January 2011
Michael Lyons, a 24-year old Royal Navy medic, is the latest member of the armed forces to officially object to the horror of the Afghan war.

A groundswell of anger against war

23 November 2010
Thousands of anti-war activists marched through London on Saturday in protest at the continuing occupation of Afghanistan.

Video of Stop the War demonstration

22 November 2010
Thousands of people joined the Stop the War demonstration through central London on Saturday 20 November 2010, under the slogan 'Afghanistan: Time to Go'

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