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New files reveal brutal role of British in Afghanistan

02 November 2010
The Ministry of Defence has released detailed reports of British troops’ actions in Afghanistan—and they reveal a lot about the crisis of the occupation.

US killed an aid worker and countless Afghans

12 October 2010
Tory foreign secretary William Hague was caught lying last week, after kidnapped aid worker Linda Norgrove was killed by a US grenade in Afghanistan.

Pakistan: tensions deepen as war spills over

12 October 2010
Nato’s beleaguered Afghan war continued to spill over into Pakistan this week, reigniting tensions between the US and the leaders of its client state.

None Of Us Were Like This Before: A system of torture that destroys lives and minds

12 October 2010
The US and Britain’s "war on terror" is maintained by the torture and oppression of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Road to Kabul: British Armies in Afghanistan, 1838-1919

28 September 2010
I was looking forward to this exhibition. It promised in its publicity to "examine the history and legacies of the First, Second and Third Afghan Wars (1838-1919)".

Afghanistan: imperialism's sham election exposed

21 September 2010
Election day in Afghanistan was meant to be a day of triumph for imperialism.

Harassed and raided: another day under occupation in Afghanistan

14 September 2010
It was 1am and 64-year old Mohammed Akram was playing chess with a family friend when 30 soldiers came crashing through the door of his Kabul apartment.

Kabul demo targets occupation

07 September 2010
Around 500 protesters took to the streets of Kabul last Monday to demand an end to the US occupation.

Afghanistan: US hasn’t liberated us, say women

07 September 2010
The Kabul district of Khoshal Khan Mina has a dark history. In 1992 the worst massacre of Afghanistan’s bloody civil war took place here.

Afghan war crisis deepens as troops inflict more civilian horror

10 August 2010
In the US and Afghanistan the crisis of the unending, bloody war deepens.

Afghanistan: how Nato forces gunned down peaceful protesters

06 August 2010
The release by WikiLeaks of over 90,000 secret documents has underlined the vicious nature of the occupation of Afghanistan.


03 August 2010

Pictures from London anti-war meeting

27 July 2010

Documents reveal horror of Afghan war but the slaughter and lies go on

27 July 2010
The leak of over 90,000 US military documents has revealed the horror of the war in Afghanistan.

Leaked Afghan documents expose British atrocities

27 July 2010
The leaked documents shed some light on just a few of the horrors meted out by the British in Afghanistan.

Leaked Afghan documents: civilian deaths

27 July 2010
The cost of human life in Afghanistan is cheap.

Deceit and disaster: Afghanistan laid bare by leaked documents

27 July 2010
A leak of US military documents this week has exposed the long hum of tragedy and brutality in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Time to Go - Stop the War rally on Monday

22 July 2010
A major rally takes place on Monday in London calling for the troops to get out of Afghanistan

The Great Game: Afghanistan

20 July 2010
This is an impressive festival exploring Afghan culture and history through 12 plays, a five-day film programme, a ceramic exhibition and discussion sessions.

Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton is released from military prison

13 July 2010
Joe Glenton, the British soldier who refused to fight in Afghanistan, was released from military prison on Monday after serving four months for going absent without leave (Awol).

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