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Teachers fight job losses at John Roan school in Greenwich

26 April 2016
Also: teachers' disputes in West Dunbartonshire, Hackney and Small Heath

Teachers and parents can sink latest attacks on education

26 April 2016
The government is on the rocks as resistance to academies and Tory tests grows. With big union meetings and angry parents there’s real potential to beat them

Teachers get to work to build for anti-academies strike vote

19 April 2016
Tory plans to force every school to become an academy would see profit-making businesses take over schools. But growing opposition could soon lead to action, reports?Sadie Robinson

Teachers' academies fight could help bring down the Tories

12 April 2016
Teachers are preparing to ballot for strikes against the impact of forced academies, reports Sadie Robinson

New ballot to back Simon O'Hara

12 April 2016
Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham are preparing to hold an indicative ballot for strikes

A left exit from the European Union is possible

05 April 2016
Outrage in the right wing press last week showed that it’s possible to put forward a socialist case for leaving the European Union (EU).

Solidarity boosts West Dunbartonshire teachers' fight against cuts

05 April 2016
Striking teachers formed large picket lines as secondary schools across West Dunbartonshire in Scotland shut on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

Activists build solidarity as junior doctors escalate strikes

30 March 2016
Junior doctors across England were set to begin a 48-hour strike on Wednesday of next week.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour at the NUT teachers' union conference

30 March 2016
Labour leader Corbyn won wide support from the NUT conference delegates

Teachers prepare for battle as Tories face deep crisis

30 March 2016
Teachers have declared war on Tory education secretary Nicky Morgan.

NUT teachers' union conference debates workload and sixth forms

30 March 2016
NUT delegates denounced teachers' workload as "intolerable and getting worse". Delegates also unanimously backed a motion paving the way for more strikes in Sixth Form Colleges.

Fringe meetings at the NUT conference: anti-racism, Prevent, austerity, EU referendum....and more

30 March 2016
Hundreds of delegates came to fringe meetings on fighting austerity, testing, racism and Islamophobia, and the EU referendum over the course of conference.

Teachers vote for strikes against forced academies and cuts

26 March 2016
Teachers have voted overwhelmingly for strikes against the impact of forced academies and funding cuts.

GALLERY - Teachers march against forced academies: London

24 March 2016
Thousands of teachers, parents, students and trade unionists marched through London on Wednesday, to demand the Tories drop their forced academy plan.

Rage against academy plans: Manchester, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Cambridge, Sheffield and Leeds protests

24 March 2016
THERE IS deep anger against the government’s plans for forced academies and other attacks on education.

Teachers march against Tories' academy plans

23 March 2016
Thousands of teachers, parents, students and trade unionists marched through London and other cities.

Teachers slam Tory academy plan—and prepare for mass protests

22 March 2016
The Tories want to force every school in England to become a privately-run academy—but the plan has sparked fierce resistance.

Support victimised NUT rep Simon O'Hara—and defend trade union rights

22 March 2016
Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham were set to meet on Tuesday of this week to discuss further action to defend conditions and union rights. Also: strikes at St Peter's Collegiate School and Lambeth College

Time to organise against Tory attacks on education and teachers

18 March 2016
The Tories are preparing to force every school in England to become a privately-run academy – but the plan has sparked fierce resistance.

GALLERY - NUT 6th form strikers march on the Department for Education

15 March 2016
Teachers in sixth form colleges across England struck on Tuesday against the devastating impact of Tory funding cuts.The Tories have slashed some 14 percent from funding in real terms and want to take out 8 percent more. NUT union members say the attacks make their conditions worse—and damage education for students. In London they marched on the Department for Education

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