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Chopper close shave shows why offshore workers' fight for safety is needed

Chopper close shave shows why offshore workers fight for safety is needed A helicopter shuttling workers between the Elgin and West Franklin platforms ran into difficulties resulting in the chopper coming inches away from falling into the sea, an offshore worker writes

Ballot on rigs as oil barons on attack again

Ballot on rigs as oil barons on attack again Oil and gas industry workers covered by the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) agreement are holding a consultative ballot on the latest insulting deal from employers.

Wood Group oil workers escalate action over pay on Shell North Sea platforms

Wood Group oil workers escalate action over pay on Shell North Sea platforms An oil workers’ strike in the North Sea shows how to beat the energy bosses, reports?Raymie Kiernan

Surface tension—the battle against the North Sea oil bosses

Surface tension—the battle against the North Sea oil bosses Offshore oil workers have a tough life—and to keep up profits bosses are out to make it even tougher. But a new wave of strikes could put a stop to that. Raymie Kiernan spoke to trade unionists organising on the North Sea rigs

Oil rig action can beat bosses

Oil rig action can beat bosses Hundreds of North Sea oil rig workers are set to strike on 26 July over pay cuts.

Workers on Shell North Sea rigs are 'sick fed up'—now they want to strike

Workers on Shell North Sea rigs are sick fed up—now they want to strike North Sea oil workers on Shell platforms are balloting for strikes. They are employed by oil services giant Wood Group, which is slashing jobs and conditions.

Wave of fury offshore as work stops on rigs

26 April 2016
Anger has spread among workers employed by Wood Group which is contracted to provide workers for energy giant Shell in the North Sea.

Masked workers protest in oil city Aberdeen for safety offshore

09 February 2016
Rank and file offshore workers staged a day of protest in Aberdeen today, Tuesday, over job losses and bosses’ attacks on workers’ terms and conditions

Coordinated action can beat oil bosses’ attacks

03 November 2015
Industrial action on oil rigs came a step closer last week after Caterers Offshore Trade Association (Cota) bosses reneged on a pay deal.

Anger could explode on North Sea oil rigs after workers vote for strikes

27 October 2015
The North Sea oil offshore industry could soon be hit by its first strike since the 1990s. 

New shift patterns force rig workers offshore for 26 days

20 October 2015
Claims by bosses that no offshore oil worker would spend longer than 21 days on a rig as a result of new shift patterns were exposed as a lie last week. 

In the danger zone - the oil rig workers fighting to defend safety at sea

06 October 2015
North Sea oil bosses are driving through cuts that will put the lives of those on oil rigs at risk. Workers preparing to resist spoke to Raymie Kiernan about what is at stake

Strike threat for North Sea oil bosses

24 March 2015
Thousands of offshore workers in the North Sea oil and gas industry could soon be drilling into the bosses’ profits. 

Offshore oil bosses' cuts put workers at risk

03 February 2015
Politicians and offshore bosses met in Aberdeen for a “crisis summit” on Monday of this week to discuss more tax breaks to “save” the industry following a slump in oil prices.

Workers killed in Super Puma helicopter crash paid a deadly price for big oil's profits

27 August 2013
Oil bosses ground Super Puma helicopters after latest crash kills four workers, reports Sarah Ensor

Piper Alpha 25 years on: fire killed 167 workers because bosses cut corners

02 July 2013
On the anniversary of the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster, Socialist Worker looks at the union-busting and callous lack of safety that condemned oil workers to death

Workers' grief turned to anger in struggle for offshore safety

02 July 2013
Workers formed the Oilc union in 1988 in the aftermath of Piper Alpha. The battle to build effective offshore union organisation can be a matter of life and death. 

Offshore workers need a union to get bosses over a barrel

31 March 2009
With safety of paramount importance, the battle to build effective union organisation in the offshore industry can be a matter of life and death. Jake Molloy, Neil Rothnie and Mike McCaig of OILC, the energy branch of the RMT union, spoke to Socialist Worker about the challenge.

Is there a blacklist on the oil rigs?

05 February 2008
The OILC and RMT unions are fighting against oil workers being "NRBd" (not required back) on platforms in the North Sea.

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