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PCS pensions action

23 August 2003
THE PCS civil servants' union is calling for a national day of action, involving all unions, over attacks on pensions. New Labour is increasing the pension age of many public sector workers from 60 to 65. PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka says, "Public servants are very angry about this proposal."

Big strike on agenda

16 August 2003
CIVIL servants' PCS union leaders warned the government last week that it would not stand for the low pay many of their members face. Left wing general secretary Mark Serwotka announced that the union was preparing to coordinate strike action across ten government departments over pay.

PPP plan comes under microscope

16 August 2003
WORKERS AT the Forensic Science Service may go on strike against government plans to privatise it. The Prospect union, representing 1,400 scientists at the service, will decide this week whether to organise a strike ballot. The PCS civil service union, which represents 380 clerical staff at the forensic service, is also considering strike action.

Civil servants

09 August 2003
THE NEW national executive of the PCS civil servants' union has held its first full meeting since the left and democracy candidates swept the board in last month's elections. The executive agreed to step up the union's national pay campaign in response to the government's recent policy of forcing departments to make unacceptably low offers.


26 July 2003
UP TO 10,000 members of the PCS union in Jobcentre Plus in London are shortly due to be balloted on industrial action over job cuts. The management has threatened to cut staffing levels by up to 40 percent over the next three years.

Union prepares for big confrontation

19 July 2003
THE PCS civil servants' union conference in Blackpool last week revealed the depth of anger that the people who are forced to implement government policy feel towards New Labour.


12 July 2003
SOME 80 trade unionists from Natfhe, Unison, PCS, FBU, Usdaw and Amicus marched with their banners in Manchester last Saturday. The march was over the bullying of staff at the Mancat college. One department with 20 posts has seen 35 pass through it in two years. The management made an unsuccessful attempt to dismiss the branch secretary last year. Now the college has declared compulsory redundancies in the trade union education unit, which includes a number of union branch activists.

Left sweeps board, democracy returns

12 July 2003
PCS CIVIL servants' union members were celebrating a historic victory for democracy as their union conference began on Tuesday of this week. The Democracy slate of the socialist Left Unity group and the centre-left PCS Democrats swept the national executive elections last week. It won 34 of 43 positions.

Mark Serwotka: The mood is bubbling in Britain

05 July 2003
MARK SERWOTKA, general secretary of the civil servants' union PCS, spoke to Socialist Worker as part of our series on the future for the left.

Civil Servants

21 June 2003
ACTIVISTS IN the PCS civil servants' union are campaigning to ensure that the right wing Moderates group which has dominated the union is defeated in national executive elections.

Civil servants

07 June 2003
SOME 288,000 members of the PCS civil servants' union will begin voting for a new national leadership from Friday of this week. This is a key chance to reclaim the union for its members. The socialist Left Unity group is standing alongside the PCS Democrats group as part of a united Democracy slate to defeat the right wing group that has dominated the union.

Tax credit chaos sparks a walkout

31 May 2003
HUNDREDS OF Inland Revenue workers in the PCS civil servants' union unofficially walked out of their offices for 15 minutes on Friday of last week. The workers were protesting against the crisis caused by the government's new tax credit programme which left Britain's poorest families waiting for vital money.

A chance to change union

31 May 2003
Janice Godrich is the president of the PCS civil servants' union and a member of the Scottish Socialist Party. She spoke to Socialist Worker about the upcoming elections to the union's national executive, which begin on Friday 6 June. The socialist Left Unity group and the PCS Democrats group are standing a united list in an attempt to defeat the right wing Moderates group that has dominated the union.

Civil servants

24 May 2003
SECTION ELECTIONS in the PCS civil servants' union have resulted in important gains for the left. The right wing lost control of the key inland revenue group and were almost wiped out in the Department of Work and Pensions.


19 April 2003
ACTIVISTS IN the PCS civil servants' union are gearing up for elections to its national executive. The Left Unity group is standing on a united slate with other groups against the misnamed "Moderate" group who have dominated the union for years.

Why don't our trade union leaders catch this mood?

05 April 2003
OPPOSITION TO this US war and an increasing fury at our own government's complicity have been growing in our PCS union branch. Our motion was carried at the 2002 PCS conference. It committed the union to a strong anti-war stance.

Civil servants

15 March 2003
THE CIVIL servants' PCS union launched a major campaign last Saturday to end low pay in the service. Over a quarter of civil servants earn less than £13,250 a year.

A victory for PCS democracy

08 March 2003
MEMBERS OF the civil servants' PCS union have massively voted for more democracy in their union. They voted by 31,322 to 18,926 in favour of annual national executive elections. This is an overwhelming endorsement of general secretary Mark Serwotka's stand against the abuse of power by the right wing "Moderate" dominated national executive.

Set clear priorities

01 March 2003
ACTIVISTS IN the PCS civil servants' union from the Left Unity group were to meet in Birmingham on Saturday. They will know the result of the membership ballot for more democracy in the union.

Civil servants

15 February 2003
ACTIVISTS ACROSS the PCS civil servants' union have been organising to win the union's ballot for more democracy. They are fighting to win annual conferences and annual national executive elections.

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