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Union rights

09 November 2002
MARK HARDING, a driver on London Underground and a member of the RMT union, won an important legal victory over union representation last week. The decision in favour of the RMT at his employment appeals tribunal has implications for members of every union. Mark explained to Socialist Worker:

United strikes: let's have more

26 October 2002
RAIL SERVICES across the north of England ground to a halt at the weekend as rail workers on Arriva Trains Northern and First North Western struck over our long-running pay claims. Despite freezing weather over 50 striking guards and retail staff on Arriva Trains Northern joined a mass picket at Skipton station, North Yorkshire. Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT rail union, joined them and spoke at a lively meeting after.

Plan to smash tube unions falls apart

19 October 2002
THE ATTEMPT by London Underground management, with the connivance of the government, to inflict a serious defeat on the rail unions has spectacularly backfired. London mayor Ken Livingstone came to an agreement with leaders of the RMT and Aslef unions on Wednesday of last week. This has pulled the rug out from under the tube bosses. Livingstone met the unions' call for independent mediation over this year's pay claim and related issues.

Bosses launch shaky offensive

12 October 2002
THE GLOVES are off in the battle on London Underground. Management was set to table a revised offer on Thursday of this week. This is partly designed to divide the tube unions. Last week's strike by members of the RMT and Aslef unions was at least as solid as the one the week before.

Stakes rising on tube strikes

05 October 2002
NOT A single London tube train ran on Wednesday of last week as RMT and Aslef union members staged the most effective strike anyone can remember. It was a humiliation for London Underground management, which had claimed there was little support for the unions' fight over pay.

Stepping up action and solidarity are key

28 September 2002
RAIL WORKERS on two major companies are stepping up strike action over pay and looking to coordinate their disputes. Drivers in the Aslef and RMT unions on First North Western (FNW) are to strike for 48 hours every weekend from now until the end of November. Guards and station staff in the RMT on Arriva Trains Northern struck for the 19th time on Saturday. Action by both groups of workers will hit services across the whole of the north of England.

Arriva Trains

21 September 2002
Bosses at Arriva Trains Northern are cancelling four out of ten services on non-strike days in a desperate effort to break resistance by members of the RMT rail union. Arriva managing director Ray Price admitted in a confidential briefing to managers that cancellations are at record levels. He wrote on 10 September, "The last period five about a month was the worst train performance experienced for a very long time."

London Underground

17 August 2002
TUBE WORKERS are to hold a swift ballot for strike action over pay after management broke off talks and imposed a settlement. The move comes as the government presses ahead with its PPP privatisation scheme and follows a highly effective one-day strike by RMT union members on the tube over safety last month.

Rail workers

10 August 2002
RAIL WORKERS on First North Western trains (FNW) have won a victory. They called off a series of strikes planned for this week after the 1,000 workers won a pay rise of 3.5 percent. RMT members also won a 35-hour week by September 2003 as part of a three-year deal. These issues have been the subject of negotiations since 1999. The threat of strikes made the difference.

London tube walkout is a striking success

27 July 2002
A HUGELY successful strike by London's tube workers last week has shown they have the power to stop New Labour's crazy PPP privatisation scheme. Members of the RMT union struck for 24 hours from 8pm on Wednesday. The same day hundreds of thousands of council workers walked out. The strike hit London Underground management hard.

Rail workers

06 July 2002
CRAIG JOHNSON from the Arriva trains strike committee received a standing ovation when he addressed the RMT union's national conference two weeks ago. He spoke the day before the train company was brought to a halt by a one-day strike.

Unions slash cash to New Labour

06 July 2002
TWO MAJOR trade unions will cut their funding to New Labour after overwhelming votes from union conference delegates. The rail workers' RMT has 57,000 members. Delegates at its conference voted unanimously for an 80 percent cut in the money the union gives to the Labour Party. It is the biggest percentage cut in Labour affiliation payments made by any union so far.


29 June 2002
THE FIGHT against privatisation of London Underground reaches a crucial stage next week. Ballot papers are going out to build strike action among the RMT tube workers' union. London Underground is on the point of forcing workers, including maintenance staff from the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, into the private sector. Blair and London Underground have two aims-massive profits on the one hand and to weaken workers and trade unionists.


29 June 2002
WORKERS ON Arriva trains have announced ten more strike days in their ongoing fight for decent pay. RMT members are setting the agenda with selected strike action. The 690 conductors will strike on 28 June, 13 July, 25 August, 21 September, 19 October, 9 November, 14 December, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Their next strike day is on Friday 28 June. Supporters are invited to their mass picket at Leeds station.

Slam brake on tube sell off

22 June 2002
TUBE WORKERS took their fight against the privatisation of London Underground onto the streets last Tuesday. The RMT union's campaign for a yes vote in the ballot for strike action was kicked off by Bob Crow.

London Underground

15 June 2002
NINE THOUSAND London Underground workers are to vote on industrial action. The RMT union ordered a strike ballot over safety and privatisation as the Labour government's moves to sell off London Underground suddenly moved forward last week. Despite earlier talk of the process being tangled up in legal manoeuvres till next year, maintenance workers now face privatisation at the end of this month. RMT members are to be balloted from 14 June. Voting will end on 24 June.

Rail workers

01 June 2002
WORKERS on Arriva Trains Northern were due to strike this week in their ongoing battle over pay. Conductors in the RMT union were to strike on Saturday. Retail staff in the RMT and supervisors in the TSSA union were to strike for 48 hours from Wednesday. Workers are furious that Arriva management is trying to blame them for disruption.

Fuelling panic and myths over crime

04 May 2002
MAINSTREAM POLITICIANS and media commentators have had a field day exploiting the tragedy of Damilola Taylor. Much of the coverage has been an excuse to parade pet prejudices and political gimmicks, and to generate a panic over crime. The Sun's bigoted columnist Richard Littlejohn tried to blame the failure of the police investigation into the death of the black ten year old on "the stormtroopers of the race industry".

'No one will defend the Labour Party'

20 April 2002
A CONFERENCE of the RMT rail workers' union has voted unanimously to stop paying money to New Labour nationally. It was one of a string of resolutions attacking the government passed by delegates at the RMT's train crews section at a conference in Portsmouth last week.

Rail workers

06 April 2002
Strike action by ScotRail train drivers has forced the company to make an improved pay offer. The drivers' RMT and Aslef unions have suspended strikes to ballot over the new deal.

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