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Workers set for autumn pay strikes at 15 colleges

20 July 2021
Most of the colleges that passed the thresholds demanded by anti-union laws did so with yes votes of over 80 percent

Liverpool University action forces bosses to ask for talks

13 July 2021
Bosses have shown the first signs of failing resolve, with a sudden proposal to talk

Trade unionists debate how to confront Tory attacks

07 July 2021
The People Before Profit group launched an updated Covid emergency programme to defend workers rights—and a call to action—in an online rally on Tuesday.

Rally to build fights over jobs and wages in universities and colleges

29 June 2021
Members of the UCU union are organising to unite the struggle for better pay and conditions across all of further and higher education

Danger as Tories plan to end school Covid-19 safety rules

29 June 2021
Failed education secretary Gavin Williamson wants to end the system of pupil ‘bubbles’ even as coronavirus cases soar. Sophie Squire talked to school workers who now fear the worst

Colleges ballot for strikes over pay + New assault at Liverpool university + Pimlico and Redbridge school battles

21 June 2021
The pay gap between ­college and school teachers currently stands at £9,000 a year

Leicester university workers launch three-day strike over job cuts

09 June 2021
Workers at the University of Leicester began a three-day strike on Wednesday over job cuts.

University jobs fight spreads from Liverpool to Leicester and Sussex

07 June 2021
UCU union members at the university of Liverpool were set to take four more days of strike this week

Liverpool university striker argues why it’s right to picket

31 May 2021
UCU union members at the University of Liverpool continued to strike this week to stop the compulsory redundancies of staff in our Health and Life Sciences faculty.

University of Liverpool strikers battle for jobs and education

25 May 2021
 The university has ranked workers to justify making some staff redundant.

University workers and students organise against multimillion pound arts cuts

21 May 2021
University workers and students are organising against Tory plans to slash funding for arts subjects by 50 percent.

Liverpool university set for 14 days of strikes + Leicester resistance

10 May 2021
Workers at the University of Liverpool are set to stage three weeks of strikes to defend jobs. The action by nearly 1,300 UCU union members will see walkouts between 24 to 28 May, 1 to 4 June and 7 to 11 June.

Jobcentres safety ballot + Thurrock fightbacks + University jobs battles + Sandwell strikes

03 May 2021
The PCS union is to ballot Jobcentre members over the return to unsafe workplaces

Scottish FE action + United Colleges + Liverpool university

12 April 2021
College lecturers across Scotland plan a further two‑day strike in a continuing dispute over the replacement of lecturers with instructors on lower pay and with worse conditions.

LETTERS—Smash the capitalist system that causes women’s oppression

13 March 2021
I was not shocked to discover that recent research has found almost all young women in Britain have experienced sexual harassment.

Workers say latest plans are a ‘one way road to an early death’

09 March 2021
Education unions have rightly said the Tories’ “big bang” reopening of schools in England is reckless.

UEL strike off for talks + UCL + DVLA + Deliveroo + Safety in courts

09 March 2021
Workers at the University of East London were set to strike on Wednesday of this week, but the action was postponed

Full schools reopening will fuel Covid-19 spread with tens of thousands dead, warn scientists

07 March 2021
A full return to schools and colleges in England this week will contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands more people by spreading Covid-19.

Mood to fight Tories runs through UCU union’s congress

24 February 2021
Delegates defied their general secretary to back a motion calling on the union to instruct members not to enter unsafe workplaces

UEL strikers fight for jobs and education

22 February 2021
 UCU union members at the University of East London staged a two-day strike this week in a fight to save jobs + Chichester College

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