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University workers strike at Sussex for an end to casualisation and pay inequality

15 June 2016
Workers at the University of Sussex are on strike today, Wednesday, demanding equal pay and an end to casual contracts.

London Met workers rally against job cuts

14 June 2016
London Metropolitan University (LMU) workers and supporters met on Tuesday of last week to discuss the fight to stop 395 job cuts. Bosses have targeted UCU union reps for redundancy.

University workers in Edinburgh and Kent strike against pay inequality and casualisation

14 June 2016
UCU union members at Edinburgh and Kent universities struck today, Tuesday, in a row over pay. The walkout follows a strike by union members at the University of Winchester on Friday of last week, and a national 48-hour strike last month.

University strikers take on zero hours and low pay in Winchester

10 June 2016
Workers at the University of Winchester are on strike today, Friday. The UCU union members are fighting a measly 1.1 percent pay offer—and want equal pay for women and an end to casualised contracts too.

UCU members debate defending education - and more - at annual congress

07 June 2016
The Tory assault on education, and resistance to it, dominated the UCU union’s annual congress in Liverpool last week.

Workers back more strikes to defend pay and education at UCU union congress

07 June 2016
The pay fight in higher education was a key debate at the UCU union's annual congress in Liverpool last week. UCU members in universities held a two-day national strike last month for a pay rise and an end to pay inequality.

Lecturers’ conference meets at crucial time

31 May 2016
UCU lecturers’ union members will meet for the union’s annual congress in Liverpool this week amid a Tory assault on education.

Striking lecturers fight casualisation and demand fair pay

26 May 2016
UCU union members in higher education are highlighting casualisation on the second day of a two-day strike today, Thursday.

GALLERY - Pickets and protest as university workers strike over pay

25 May 2016
Pickets and protest as university workers strike over pay

Strong support for national Higher Education strike

25 May 2016
University workers across Britain began a two-day strike today, Wednesday, over pay and inequality. 

Tory white paper is a blueprint for cashing in on universities

24 May 2016
The Tories’ new education white paper proposes cuts to working class access to universities. It gives business more power and will trash higher education (HE).

University strike is over more than pay

24 May 2016
Some 60,000 university workers were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday.

Reports round-up

24 May 2016
Short reports from industrial disputes and campaigns including Rio cinema strike, Prestwich Arts College, Newcastle University, Post Office job cuts, Croydon Tramlink and Nottingham taxis

Lecturers call for two-day strike over pay, inequality and casualisation

17 May 2016
Around 60,000 UCU union members in universities were set to begin a two-day strike on Wednesday of next week. Workers want a decent pay rise and an end to inequality in pay – particularly for women and casualised staff.

Defend union activists from sack threat at London Met

10 May 2016
Some 50 lecturers met in London on Wednesday of last week to discuss building the fight against compulsory redundancies at London Metropolitan University.

University national strikes announced for 25 and 26 May

10 May 2016
UCU union members in universities will stage a two-day national strike over pay later this month. The walkout of around 60,000 workers across Britain will take place on 25 and 26 May

Education round up: Teachers strike against job cull at Manchester school

03 May 2016
AROUND 25 NUT union members at Prestwich Arts College in Manchester formed a solid picket line on Wednesday of last week.

Anger as London Metropolitan University moves to sack union reps

02 May 2016
Two leading trade union activists at London Metropolitan University were last week told that they will be made redundant. The move against UCU union branch chair Mark Campbell and branch secretary David Hardman is a serious attack on the union.

Support victimised NUT rep Simon O'Hara—and defend trade union rights

22 March 2016
Teachers at Small Heath School in Birmingham were set to meet on Tuesday of this week to discuss further action to defend conditions and union rights. Also: strikes at St Peter's Collegiate School and Lambeth College

College pay battle is thrown away in a disastrous retreat

08 March 2016
The UCU union has ended its pay campaign for further education members.

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