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UCU national executive elections

05 February 2008
Ballot papers are out now for the UCU lecturers’ union national executive committee elections. About half the executive seats are up for re-election. Activists need to fight hard over the next three weeks to make sure that the turnout is as high as possible and the vote for UCU Left candidates is maximised.

HE lecturers ballot on pay negotiations deal

22 January 2008
Lecturers in the UCU union in higher education (HE) are to be balloted from Friday of this week on whether to accept a deal on national pay negotiations. This would implement single-table bargaining, allowing all unions within HE to bargain collectively with the employers, which the left is in favour of.

Lecturers to protest at changes to funding

22 January 2008
The London region of the UCU lecturers’ union has called a demonstration in protest at government changes to higher education funding, which were announced without consultation last September.

Vote no in this vital lecturers' ballot

15 January 2008
Members of the higher education (HE) section of the UCU lecturers’ union will be taking part in a very important ballot from next Monday.

Lecturers to ballot on national negotiating arrangements

08 January 2008
Members of the UCU lecturers’ union in higher education are to be balloted from 21 January on new national negotiating arrangements.

UCU union national executive

08 January 2008
UCU lecturers’ union members are due to start voting for the national executive in the first week of February. Candidates’ election leaflets are now available and campaign meetings of UCU Left supporters are being organised up and down the country.

Organising lecturers for the pay battle

17 December 2007
The UCU lecturers’ union Further Education Committee (FEC) met on Friday of last week. The ongoing campaign against Gordon Brown’s pay freeze was a major issue.

Lecturers' union attacks temporary contracts

11 December 2007
The UCU lecturers’ union has attacked university employers for "blighting" higher education by putting the majority of new workers on temporary rather than permanent contracts.

Lecturers round-up

04 December 2007
This week saw the launch of the "our colleges, our communities, our union" campaign in the UCU lecturers union, to fight for decent pay for further and adult education lecturers in preparation of a ballot for industrial action.

Lecturers step up the momentum in the fight over pay

13 November 2007
Members of the UCU lecturers’ union in further education (FE) colleges around the country are still waiting for a promised ballot on industrial action over their current below inflation pay offer.

UCU special conference on higher education

13 November 2007
The UCU union held a special conference on higher education (HE) last week with over 100 delegates attending from universities across Britain. The conference was called in response to the employers’ threats to abandon national bargaining.

Lecturers' union to hold special higher education pay conference

06 November 2007
The UCU lecturers’ union will hold a special higher education pay conference on 9 November. The key issue up for discussion at the meeting is the threat by our employers to withdraw from national bargaining.

UCU LGBT conference

30 October 2007
The UCU union has organised a series of equality conferences in recent weeks.

College workers' union discusses organising casualised workers

30 October 2007
The first UCU college workers’ union national meeting for fixed term and hourly paid workers took place in London on Friday of last week.

Ballot for action in further education

16 October 2007
Members of the UCU college union in further education are preparing for an industrial action ballot over pay. Any action would be in opposition to the 2.55 percent pay offer we have rejected for this year.

UCU a correction

09 October 2007
In our issue dated 6 October we published an article which said London solicitor Anthony Julius had given legal advice to the UCU union. We have since learned that he had nothing whatsoever to do with providing legal advice to the union. In accordance with our usual practice, we take this opportunity to correct this error at the earliest opportunity.

Lecturers in pay ballot

09 October 2007
Delegates representing some 100 UCU union branches in further education colleges across England voted at a special conference last Saturday to ballot over pay.

Further education lecturers set to discuss pay

02 October 2007
A special pay conference for members of the UCU lecturers' union in further education colleges is set to take place this Saturday, which will discuss whether to reject a below inflation pay offer.

Stop further education pay insult

03 July 2007
The Further Education Committee (FEC) of the UCU lecturers’ union has a policy to reject any below inflation pay offer.

'All out war' at Harlow college

26 June 2007
A lecturer from Harlow College spoke to the UCU Left conference about the campaign at the college against the imposition of new working conditions and contracts.

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