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Hospital workers strike for equal pay

26 February 2019
Outsourced health workers in Liverpool took to the picket line

Birmingham bins strike sees strong fightback and solidarity

22 February 2019
Bin workers in Birmingham have staged two powerful strikes over discrimination by council management.

Glasgow strikes and #MeToo fuelled a confident mood at Unison women’s conference

19 February 2019
Around 800 women held an inspiring and rousing Unison union women’s conference in Bournemouth last week

Clamping the bosses—Camden traffic wardens' strike

19 February 2019
Jenny is glad she lives in a different London borough to the one she works in. That’s because Jenny is a traffic warden, and the abuse she suffers would make her fear leaving her home.

1,000 people rally against library cuts in Chelmsford

12 February 2019
Around 1,000 people joined a protest against library service cuts in Chelmsford

‘We won’t let the NSL bosses push us around,’ say strikers

12 February 2019
Striking traffic wardens aren’t giving up on their fight for better pay—despite an insulting offer from bosses.

Strikes get bigger for Camden traffic wardens - show solidarity on Saturday

07 February 2019
Strikers in Camden took their message directly to the Labour-run local authority’s swanky headquarters on Thursday.

Step up the battle to reinstate victimised health worker Karen Reissmann

05 February 2019
Many Unison union members are furious that their leadership is refusing to answer questions over victimised health worker Karen Reissmann.

Solid strike in Camden as traffic wardens fight NSL outsourcers over pay

05 February 2019
Strikers in Camden are “fully determined to fight and achieve what we deserve” in their pay battle against ­outsourcing giant NSL.

Unison union members stand with Karen Reissmann

29 January 2019
The Unison union leadership is facing growing calls to reinstate victimised health worker Karen Reissmann.

Home care workers put pressure on councillors in Birmingham

22 January 2019
Birmingham home carers are striking back against a Labour council that refuses to back off from attacks on workers.

Traffic wardens’ strikes can put the clamp on bosses

22 January 2019
Traffic wardens in north London are gearing up for another round of strikes for higher pay

Campaign growing for Karen Reissmann

22 January 2019
Trade unionists and socialists rallied in support of victimised health worker Karen Reissmann

Unions declare victory in Glasgow equal pay fight

18 January 2019
Trade unions are claiming victory in the equal pay fight negotiations at Glasgow City Council.

Meeting will demand Karen Reissmann is reinstated

15 January 2019
Supporters of the Reinstate Karen Reissmann campaign were set to hold a public meeting in Manchester this Saturday.

Striking home care workers take to the streets in Birmingham

15 January 2019
Striking homecare workers in Birmingham are taking their fight against the Labour-run council to the city’s residents.

Join public meeting to defend victimised health worker Karen Reissmann

08 January 2019
Supporters of victimised health worker Karen Reissmann plan to hold a public meeting in Manchester on Saturday 19 January.

Supporters demand suspended health worker Karen Reissmann is reinstated

01 January 2019
The Reinstate Karen Reissmann campaign is gearing up for a public meeting in Manchester on Saturday, 19 January.

Striking traffic wardens in Camden determined to win more pay

12 December 2018
Traffic wardens in Camden, north London, are staging a magnificent two-week strike to win better pay.

Reports round-up - Birmingham care workers overwhelmingly back more action

11 December 2018
Home care workers in Birmingham have overwhelmingly backed more strikes in their fight against job cuts and privatisation.

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