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All away to Liverpool this Saturday

06 November 2004
UNISON UNION members from around Britain were set to show their support for social workers in Liverpool on all-out strike on Saturday of this week.

Nominate Jon Rogers

06 November 2004
‘UNISON IS not delivering on its potential as a union. It has allowed the government to set the agenda.

London backs Rogers’ election bid

30 October 2004
THE CAMPAIGN for a new left leadership in the Unison union got off to a flying start last week when the union’s London regional council voted to back Jon Rogers for general secretary.

Liverpool: a chance to show workers’ solidarity

23 October 2004
STRIKING SOCIAL workers in Lib Dem controlled Liverpool council are appealing for wider support and backing for a national demonstration in the city called by their union, Unison.

Vote against—don’t leave anyone behind

23 October 2004
BALLOT PAPERS have gone out to Unison union members in the NHS for the vote to decide whether to accept Agenda for Change—the government’s plan for sweeping changes to health workers’ terms and conditions.

Council workers

13 October 2004
Swansea IT workers have suspended their strike action pending negotiations between the Unison union and management.

A stronger organisation

13 October 2004
HEALTH WORKERS in the Unison union met last week to decide whether to recommend Agenda for Change—the government’s sweeping reorganisation of NHS pay and conditions—in their ballot which starts this week. Karen Reissmann, a member of Manchester Community and Mental Health branch, was one of those calling for a "no" vote. She spoke to Socialist Worker about the conference.

Taking on the Lib Dems

25 September 2004
THE ALL-OUT strike by Swansea IT workers in the Unison union is now in its sixth week. They are protesting against the Liberal Democrat dominated council’s outsourcing plans.

A key moment for all health workers

18 September 2004
IN OCTOBER 450,000 health workers in Unison will be balloted on Agenda for Change following a special conference on 7 October.

Council workers

18 September 2004
SOME 150 social workers in the Unison union are continuing their indefinite strike action in Liverpool. We have been getting good support from Unison, branches and other unions such as the PCS and FBU.

999 staff meals row

17 July 2004
AMBULANCE workers in the Unison union in the north east of England are still in dispute with their management over changes to their meal breaks.

‘We won’t keep our gobs shut for Blair’

03 July 2004
THE ANNUAL conference of Unison, Britain’s biggest union, last week showed that the disillusion with Blair and New Labour runs very deep.

Growing anger at NHS pay agenda

03 July 2004
HEALTH WORKER, the rank and file paper for workers in the NHS, held a packed fringe meeting at Unison conference attended by over 100 people.

Unison local government conference

26 June 2004
ANGER OVER low pay and anger at New Labour dominated this year's Unison union local government conference in Bournemouth on Monday of this week. Delegates passed a motion severely criticising the union's National Local Government Committee for submitting a pay claim of only 4 percent this year.


26 June 2004
JUST HUNDREDS of people turned out for the pensions demonstration in Edinburgh organised by the Scottish TUC. My union, the teachers' EIS, sent only one A5 leaflet to each school. The Unison union did not even have its banner at the demonstration. It is clear that the union leaders will not act unless they are pushed from below.

Council workers

19 June 2004
NEWHAM COUNCIL has been forced to back off again over its attacks on the Unison union. Workers have been fighting against council bosses' attempts to derecognise Unison. The New Labour-run council evicted the union from its offices, banned us from putting out our own publicity materials and stopped union officers having any facility time.

NHS Workers Pay fight grows

05 June 2004
OVER 200 health workers in the Unison and Amicus unions at Sunderland Royal Infirmary staged an unofficial walkout on Thursday of last week. They were protesting against changes to their pay under the government's Agenda for Change scheme-the biggest ever shake-up of pay and conditions in the NHS. Sunderland hospital is an "early implementer" site being used as a test-run for the government's plan. A week before the walkout, management started to send out letters to inform staff of their new pay bands.

Council workers: Newham, Wandsworth

27 May 2004
WORKERS AT Newham council, east London, were set to strike for two days this week. We are protesting against the council's attack on our union, Unison. This includes evicting the union from its offices and axing facility time for union offices.

Paper sale has created network

27 May 2004
CAROLINE IS a Unison shop steward in Birmingham. She works at a small day centre for people with learning difficulties. Because she has a network of regular paper readers around her she was able to organise a workplace meeting recently at short notice.

Newham strikers won't pay to be smashed

15 May 2004
BLAIR'S FAVOURITE New Labour council is trying to break our union. We are absolutely clear that Newham council in east London intends to lead the way in smashing the town hall union to force through Blair's plans to \"restructure\" public services-cutting our pay and jobs and selling off the people's assets to the fat cats. We are going to step up our action and we are determined we are going to win. But in discussing strategy with Unison union regional officials, the question of our political relationship to the government dominates the debate.

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