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Leon Trotsky

Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021

Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021 Chanie Rosenberg, who has died aged 99, spent her life fighting the injustices that are still at the centre of world politics today.

Imperialism and national liberation

Imperialism and national liberation Across the world in the face of imperialism and occupation, demands are put forward for self-determination and national independence.

North Africa - from a democratic uprising to revolution

North Africa - from a democratic uprising to revolution The massive protests that have gripped Algeria in recent weeks are inspiring. How can they win?

Trotsky was right - we need a revolution

Trotsky was right - we need a revolution Tom Watson’s dossier on “Trotsky entryists” into the Labour Party has been used as an attack on the whole left.

Why the Labour right love to twist the truth about Trotsky

Why the Labour right love to twist the truth about Trotsky Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is hardly the first to use Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky as a cheap insult.

Why is Leon Trotsky relevant today?

Why is Leon Trotsky relevant today? On the 75th anniversary of the assassination of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, Sue Caldwell asks if his ideas can help activists fighting for another world today

Bolivia 1952 - what did the socialists do?

03 April 2012
The nationalists were not the only revolutionary opposition in Bolivia. The Workers’ Revolutionary Party (POR) was one of the world’s biggest Trotskyist organisations.

Who says?

06 March 2012
‘Stand up against the Trotskyites of the Right to Work campaign’David Cameron delivers a message to the public in parliament last week

Crisis of capitalism is far from over

09 August 2011
Leon Trotsky paints a brilliant portrait of the last tsar, Nicholas II, in his great History of the Russian Revolution. He treats Nicholas’s weakness, malice, and stupidity as symptoms of a decaying regime.

Revolution? In Britain?

15 March 2011
If 2011 were to end tomorrow, it would already constitute one of the great years of revolution. Already we have witnessed, to borrow a phrase from the Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky, "the forcible entry of the masses into the realm of rulership over their own destiny"—the hallmark of revolution.

Is this a revolution or just a coup?

15 February 2011
Leon Trotsky recalls in his memoirs that, immediately after the Russian Revolution of October 1917, Lenin said to him in German, "Es schwindelt"—"It makes one dizzy."

Trotsky: Preserving Marxism for the future battles

18 January 2011
The struggle against Stalinism was not confined to Russia. Leon Trotsky’s view that Stalinism was counter‑revolutionary in Russia led him to the conclusion that it would have the same effect internationally.

Fighting the Stalinist distortion of socialism

11 January 2011
Leon Trotsky led the struggle against Joseph Stalin’s counter-revolution. This battle began in 1923, six years after the Russian Revolution.

Leon Trotsky: Workers can make revolution permanent

04 January 2011
Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) was murdered 70 years ago by an agent of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.

Trotsky’s socialism

17 August 2010
Seventy years ago this week an agent of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin murdered the exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky by smashing his skull with an ice pick.

'We are all the children of migrants' Competition winner

15 June 2010
Tom Brook correctly answered that the US is one of the countries which denied Leon Trotsky access. His "We are all the children of migrants" T‑shirt is on its way.

The Fourth International: Keeping the flame alive

23 February 2010
Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian revolution, opposed Joseph Stalin’s increasing stranglehold on the Soviet Union and the Third International.

Russia was a crucible for new development

15 September 2009
Most socialists dream of taking part in a revolution. The revolutionary Leon Trotsky was involved in two, playing a leading role in the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

Stalin’s Nemesis: The Exile and Murder of Leon Trotsky

21 July 2009
At 4am on 24 May 1940 machine gun bullets tore through the bedroom where the exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky and his wife Natalia were sleeping.

The united front: unity in action

09 June 2009
Newspapers report that Labour Party members conspiring to end Gordon Brown’s leadership have taken to quoting the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky’s phrase – "March separately, strike together".

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