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Karl Marx

Karl Marx showed why workers have the power to change the world

15 January 2018
This year marks 200 years since Karl Marx’s birth. Sadie Robinson explains why workers are central in the first of an occasional series

Marx’s masterwork is as relevant as ever

19 September 2017
On 14 September 1867 Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I, was published in Hamburg.

Capital—a vampire at work

12 August 2017
The first volume of Karl Marx’s Capital was published a century and a half ago. Joseph Choonara, author of a new reader’s guide to the work, explains its relevance today

A time of turmoil shaped Karl Marx’s ideas

30 August 2016
A new book by Gareth Stedman-Jones, Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion, stresses the impact of dynamic early capitalism on Karl Marx's theories. But workers’ struggles gave them their revolutionary edge that still cuts, argues Simon Basketter

After the EU vote - where do ideas come from and how do they change?

05 July 2016
Marxism can help explain why some workers have racist ideas and how that can change, writes Alistair Farrow

Genius of the modern world - Marx’s ideas shine through the sneers

14 June 2016
Marx, Genius of the modern world BBC Four, Thursday 16 June, 9pm

Why Karl Marx remains relevant - Deciphering Capital by Alex Callinicos

08 July 2014
Alex Callinicos’s new book Deciphering Capital argues that Karl Marx’s main work is still vital to understand how to change the world, writes Mark L Thomas

Value, price and profit in the works of Marx

13 May 2014
Einde O’Callaghan from the Marxists Internet Archive responds to demands they remove works by Marx and Engels from the website.

Marxism and history

11 February 2014
Understanding what forces drive human progress and change in society is crucial for all those who want a different world, writes Camilla Royle

Bosses' state of misrule

28 January 2014
What is the state? Does it always act for the bosses or does it have its own interests? In the wake of the Mark Duggan verdict, Annette Mackin explains its role

How ideas change

30 April 2013
We are often told socialism can’t work because people will not shift the way they think. John Molyneux shows how dramatic shifts are possible and have occured in the past

Reviews round-up

04 December 2012
Karl Marx walking tour What better way to spend a crisp winter morning in the capital than following in the footsteps of Karl Marx?

Marx tour a success

13 March 2012
Over 1,000 students, workers and activists attended the speaking tour based on the title of Terry Eagleton’s new book, "Why Marx Was Right" last week. Eagleton spoke alongside Alex Callinicos.

Why Marx Was Right: reject the right’s distortions

28 June 2011
How many times have you been told the following? Marxism is irrelevant.

The Civil War in France: When workers took power in Paris

12 October 2010
Karl Marx did not just analyse capitalism, he also asked how it would be possible to create an entirely different kind of society.

Marx's Capital: vampires feeding on our blood

05 October 2010
In his masterpiece, Capital, Karl Marx attempts to make sense of capitalism. This was not just out of scientific curiosity—he believed that a clear understanding of capitalism would help to overthrow it.

Do women need to organise separately?

06 October 2009
In 1868 Karl Marx wrote, "Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the female sex."

Thinking through the current crisis

28 October 2008
There have been a flood of pieces in the international press recently about how the financial crash has meant Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes – reduced to intellectual pariahs in the heyday of neoliberalism – are back in fashion.

Battles to create a socialist society

14 October 2008
The ruling class attempts to portray Karl Marx simply as a thinker – someone who analysed capitalism but did little to bring about revolution.

Contradictions at the heart of capitalism

07 October 2008
With capitalism appearing to collapse all around us today even some right wing commentators have been forced to admit that Karl Marx might have been right about the crisis-ridden nature of the system.

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