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Marches for abortion rights in the US, and solidarity in Britain

02 October 2021
Tens of thousands of pro-choice activists were set to join 660 separate mobilisations across the US on Saturday.

Sarah Everard case shows deep sexism in the cops

01 October 2021
Sarah Everard’s murderer was known—and ignored—as a danger to women

Join pro-choice march on US embassy in London

28 September 2021
Supporters of a woman’s right to choose on abortion will demonstrate this Saturday in solidarity with protesters in the US opposing vicious attacks on abortion rights in Texas and other states.

Letters—Starmer will snatch influence away from Labour members

27 September 2021

Hundreds join vigils after murder of Sabina Nessa

24 September 2021
Up to 1,000 people joined a vigil in south east London on Friday night after teacher Sabina Nessa was killed last week.

Letters—Unions should boost climate fight, not back nuclear power

20 September 2021
​​​​​​​I believe the NEU union was wrong to support the GMB’s motion on climate change at this years TUC congress.

Film asks if after trauma, can building a house help rebuild your life?

14 September 2021
The film Herself tries to balance between a tale of abuse and an uplifting story of overcoming the odds. Most of the time it does it well, writes Sarah Bates

High costs force low paid parents to cut back on food to afford childcare

14 September 2021
A survey of more than 20,000 working parents has concluded that the government’s childcare policies are grossly inadequate.

Why the US right attack abortion

11 September 2021
Abortion rights have been hard fought for in the US. Now some of these rights are under ferocious assault. Isabel Ringrose explores a history of resistance and shows why the right’s view on abortion is complicated

Fury as Texas bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy

01 September 2021
This assault on women's rights is part of a sustained attack across large parts of the United States

Feminism, bombs and liberation

28 August 2021
Lies are being spun that most Afghan women’s lives improved under the US occupation. Judy Cox explores the reality for Afghan women after 20 years of war

Five crucial questions about end of Afghanistan occupation

24 August 2021
Imperialists are desperately trying to justify their 20 year Afghanistan occupation. Socialist Worker answers the crucial questions

One in 16 firms could close when furlough pay ends

17 August 2021
One million workers are employed by businesses at critical risk of closing operations within the next three months.

The defeat of the West’s Afghanistan war

16 August 2021
After 20 years, at least a ­quarter of a million killings and trillions of pounds spent on military assaults, the Taliban has overthrown the Western-backed government in Afghanistan.

Letters—‘Small steps’ won’t help stop the climate crisis, action can

03 August 2021
If strategies from Allegra Stratton, the prime minister’s spokesperson for the COP26 climate summit, are anything to go by then November’s meeting will do nothing to arrest environmental crisis.

Letters—Drug related deaths show the brutality of neoliberalism

03 August 2021
Scotland’s drug deaths are an indicator of a sick society. For seven consecutive years, Scotland has had the highest rate in Europe.

Sarah Everard’s killer pleads guilty—questions remain

13 July 2021
The cop who killed Sarah Everard pleaded guilty to her murder last week.

How capitalism tries to profit from our bodies

28 June 2021
The new series of Love Island is launching. Sophie Squire investigates why certain body types are marketed to us, and the pressure to buy into them

Rape conviction figures show how the system fails women

18 June 2021
The Tories have been forced to apologise for “failing” rape victims after the number of convictions for rape plummeted.

Letters—Why sexual harassment of young women is normalised

15 June 2021
I wasn’t surprised by the latest report describing the scale of sexual harassment faced by young women. No young woman would have been.

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