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A Woman’s Place doesn’t seem to know its purpose

06 February 2018
This exhibition seems to pose a question in its title, but offers no clear answers or analysis.

Take on Donald Trump’s presidents club

30 January 2018
Sexist-in-chief Donald Trump has said “I’ll be there” for a state visit to Britain in October. He reneged on his promise to visit earlier this month amid fears of huge protests.

How struggle won women the vote

29 January 2018
A sea of suffragette colours will mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act. The Act gave some women in Britain the right to vote for the first time.

Doncaster protest defends woman who is fighting domestic violence service cuts

28 January 2018
Protesters gathered to defend South Yorkshire Women’s Aid and Louise Harrison.

At the Presidents Club: Tory donors, Labour businessman

26 January 2018
Attendees have tried to defend the event, but it's indefensible

Updated: Inside the Presidents Club - a glimpse at a world of ruling class sexism

24 January 2018
Undercover reporters at the Financial Times newspaper have shone a light on the vile harassment of women carried out by men at the top of society.

We can push back sexism

23 January 2018
A Fawcett Society report this week laid bare the scale of sexual harassment in Britain.

Join protest over dismissal of activist Louise Harrison and to defend women’s aid

23 January 2018
Supporters of South Yorkshire Women’s Aid (SYWA) and Louise Harrison were set to protest in Doncaster on Saturday.

Women’s March protests show the battle against Trump and sexism will go on

21 January 2018
Thousands of protesters gathered outside Downing Street on Sunday, a year to the day after women’s marches took place in London and across the US.

Labour members target domestic violence worker Louise Harrison in Doncaster

23 December 2017
Louise Harrison, a domestic violence worker and campaigner in South Yorkshire, could be dismissed from her job because Labour members want to protect their party.

Keep this vital domestic violence service open, John McDonnell tells Labour council

12 December 2017
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has intervened to support a key service for women that is under threat in South Yorkshire.

Battle of the Sexes serves up a set of anti-sexism from 1973

28 November 2017
New film Battle of the Sexes shows the sexism of the 1970s and one of the battles against it, but misses the broader context

‘Austerity is killing’ as funding for women’s refuges is cut

27 November 2017
A change to benefit rules slashing funding for women’s refuges will put women and children at risk.

Sexual harassment at top level of US politics

21 November 2017
The sexual harassment scandal at the top of US society has moved further into the political establishment.

LETTERS: Unions get behind fight to save Women’s Aid service

13 November 2017
A campaign to defend South Yorkshire Women’s Aid has been receiving an absolutely fabulous response from the trade unions.

Has the fight against sexual harassment reached a tipping point?

11 November 2017
Women are speaking out over sexual harassment and a discrimination. Sarah Bates argues it is capitalism’s failure to deliver on its promises of equality, and resistance by women, that lies behind this recharged fightback

Allegations about Labour figures shouldn’t be dismissed by blaming the right

07 November 2017
Claims have been made about Labour Party members - and they cannot be simply ignored

Tory cabinet in crisis and we can get them out

07 November 2017
 Tory rule stands on the shakiest of foundations.

Tory sexual harassment crisis shows that Parliament is a cesspit

07 November 2017
Westminster is reeling following revelations about systemic sexual harassment and abuse.

LETTERS: Unions must be at forefront of challenging harassment

06 November 2017
Revelations about the extent of sexist abuse in Hollywood and Parliament are shocking. But if you’re a woman worker in 2017, sexual harassment at work is rife.

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