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Women's Liberation

Feminism in London conference debates women's liberation

27 October 2015
Feminism in London brought together up to 1,000 people for a weekend conference last Saturday and Sunday. 

Clara Zetkin—a class fighter

20 October 2015
Activists have always fought over Clara Zetkin’s contribution to women’s liberation. Judith Orr argues that she was a revolutionary who saw workers as key to ending oppression

Suffragette—the revolt that won the vote

13 October 2015
The upsurge of radicalism that won women the vote is well worth celebrating. But, Judith Orr argues, it was more than a movement led by the middle classes seen in the new film Suffragette. It involved a mass movement of thousands of working class women fighting for their class

How struggle won women the vote

13 October 2015
A sea of suffragette colours will mark next week’s centenary of the Representation of the People Act. The Act gave some women in Britain the right to vote for the first time.

Soldiers and Suffragettes: the Photography of Christina Broom

06 October 2015
Christina broom was one of the first press photographers in Britain. Her photographs—some never displayed before—capture London in the beginning of the 20th century. Royal pomp continues as the city mobilises for the slaughter of the First World War, but powerful social movements are also pushing for change. 

The Ascent of Woman—looking at pre-history helps us understand oppression

01 September 2015
BBC series The Ascent of Woman acknowledges that women’s oppression hasn’t always existed—but can’t explain why

‘Marxism insists we can have a society without women's oppression’

01 September 2015
Socialist Worker editor Judith Orr spoke about her new book Marxism and Women’s Liberation

Offensive Jack the Ripper museum opens to protest

11 August 2015
Up to 200 hundred protesters demonstrated outside the new Jack the Ripper museum when it opened in Cable Street, east London last week.

Outrage as anti-choice protesters close abortion clinic

28 July 2015
An abortion clinic’s forced closure shows activists must be ready to take on the bigots, says Judith Orr

Sexist double standards for women politicans

21 July 2015
The New Statesman magazine ran a particularly unenlightened front page last week, even by its standards.

Ads are selling sexism

28 April 2015
Tens of thousands of people have signed an online petition enraged at the sexism of an advert that has been plastered around London Tube stations. 

Sexism is in the system

03 March 2015
Women’s oppression is about more than individual acts or attitudes—it is structured into society. To overthrow it we have to get rid of the system, writes Sadie Robinson

Stop Tory Bill which uses racism to attack abortion rights

23 February 2015
Judith Orr explains how a Tory MP is using the Serious Crime Bill to launch an attack on women’s right to choose

'Muslim Culture' is not to blame

10 February 2015
The Rotherham abuse scandal has led some to celebrate Britain’s “progressive” society.

Cops and council cuts failed Rotherham abuse victims says new report

10 February 2015
Most media coverage of the Rotherham child abuse scandal has focused on “Asian gangs”. Yet a new report is another damning indictment of the local council and South Yorkshire Police (SYP).

Stop new attack on abortion rights

03 February 2015
Tory MP Fiona Bruce has launched an attack on abortion rights.

Dapper Laughs’ gross sexism is part of a bigger trend

18 November 2014
“Lads’ comedian” Daniel O’Reilly—better known as Dapper Laughs—specialises in a particularly disgusting brand of sexist comedy.

News in brief

05 August 2014
Britain tries to hide rendition torture role | Cuts to refuges creating crisis | Tories deport Isabella Acevedo at night | Prison deaths on the increase

Go on the offensive for abortion rights

01 April 2014
Abortion Rights held a public meeting followed by its annual general meeting in London last Saturday. Some 40 activists took part.

Nordic laws will make the sex trade more dangerous

11 March 2014
Proposals to prosecute men who buy sex will not help women, says Sadie Robinson. In Sweden it seems to have driven prostitution underground

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