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Fighting for abortion rights

15 January 2008
Abortion rights campaigners are preparing to resist any attempts to restrict a woman’s right to choose. Amendments to the government’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill threaten to restrict abortion rights for women in Britain.

Sinners, Scroungers, Saints: Lone Mothers Past And Present

17 December 2007
Single mothers are for many one of the last acceptable scapegoats for society’s ills. They are blamed for everything from hogging council flats to creating "yob culture", and frequently portrayed as a morally degenerate and selfish group that we would all be better off without.

Lords attempt to restrict abortion

11 December 2007
The first shots in a battle to roll back women’s rights to abortion have been fired in the House of Lords.

Crucial battle to defend women’s abortion rights

27 November 2007
A new fight to defend abortion rights has begun.

Mobilise to defend abortion rights

20 November 2007
The Human Tissue and Embryology Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords on Monday of this week. The bill has opened up the possibility of the law on abortion being amend.

Oppression lies behind the low rape conviction rates

20 November 2007
Tory leader David Cameron last week used the low conviction rate for rape as an excuse to condemn the "moral collapse" of British society. This is the latest way that Cameron has tried to tap into a feeling of social crisis.

STUC women’s conference moves to defend abortion rights

13 November 2007
The Scottish TUC women’s Conference this week in Glasgow Glasgow heard strong speeches on abortion rights.

Abortion in Northern Ireland: access denied

30 October 2007
There are proposals to use the Human Tissue and Embryology Bill – which will be put before parliament in the next few months – to amend the Abortion Act and finally extend it to Northern Ireland.

Abortion: no return to the backstreets

23 October 2007
In 1966, the year before abortion was legalised, around 4,000 women in Britain died trying to end a pregnancy that they did not want, could not afford, or could not cope with.

Abortion rights – 40 years on

23 October 2007
Forty years ago this weekend the 1967 Abortion Act was passed in Britain.

Material Girls: women, men and work

03 July 2007
Today, women are working in unprecedented numbers, have broken their chains to the home, thrown out the traditional "feminine" roles, and have choices that our grandmothers couldn’t have imagined.

Launch of modern abortion law campaign

10 March 2007
Over 100 abortion rights campaigners gathered near Westminster last Saturday. It was the launch of a year of celebrations of 40 years since the 1967 Abortion Act, and the beginning of a campaign for a modern abortion law.

Women’s rights still to be won

10 March 2007

A woman's right to choose?

10 March 2007
There was a lively meeting with women from a range of ages and backgrounds on a woman’s right to choose at the Respect women’s day school.

'How we won the abortion referendum in Portugal'

17 February 2007
The referendum on abortion last Sunday was the second national vote on the issue. The question put was the same as in 1998 – "Do you agree with decriminalising abortion when requested by women, up to 10 weeks into pregnancy, and performed in an authorised clinic?"

How New Labour puts prostitutes at risk

16 December 2006
The recent brutal series of murders of women in Ipswich has brought the question of prostitution and violent crime to the foreground.

Why are women paid less than men?

25 November 2006
Over 30 years since the Equal Pay Act outlawed discrimination against women in the workplace, the pay gap between men and women is still staggering. Women in full-time jobs pocket only 78 pence for every pound men earn.

Decades of change but not of liberation

11 November 2006
I wrote last week about the ideology that surrounds the nuclear family.

Attacks on abortion rights

11 November 2006
There are fears that a private members bill could be introduced in parliament to curb abortion rights.

Capitalism and the ‘private family’

04 November 2006
I wrote last week that the formation of the family was central to understanding the origins of women’s oppression. This week I will look at how the role of the family changed with the birth of capitalism.

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