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Tories threaten vicious blow to abortion rights

30 August 2011
The Tories have announced a major attack on abortion rights, and they want to drive it through regardless of whether they win a vote in parliament or not.

Abortion rights: ‘Dorries – got to go!’

12 July 2011
Up to 300 people protested outside parliament, last Saturday defending a woman’s right to free, safe, on-demand access to abortion.

Victim is ‘on trial’ in IMF Strauss-Kahn rape case

05 July 2011
Alleged rapist and former International Monetary Fund (IMF) head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest last week.

New attack on abortion rights

28 June 2011
Anti-abortion campaigners are looking to curtail women’s rights to choose with a back door manoeuvre.

Thousands join London 'Slutwalk'

14 June 2011
The chant "Whatever we wear, wherever we go—yes means yes, and no means no!" echoed through the streets of central London last Saturday.

What causes rape?

07 June 2011
The world can be a bad place to be a woman. Women make up a staggering 70 percent of the world’s poor. Being female shapes every aspect of women’s lives—from things like work, housing, health and education to our most intimate relationships.

Hundreds join anti-rape 'Slutwalks'

07 June 2011
Around 200 women, men and children joined the Cardiff Slutwalk last Saturday.

Tory plans bring bigotry to the heart of government

31 May 2011
The Tories have invited Life—a group opposed to all abortions and contraception education—to advise the government on sexual health.

After Ken Clarke's rape comments - we must defend the right to say no

24 May 2011
Justice secretary Ken Clarke’s comments about rape rightly caused an outcry last week.

The 'SlutWalk' phenomenon: Women refuse to take the blame for rape

17 May 2011
Our society promotes and constantly reinforces the idea that women are to blame if they are raped. A third of students think a woman is wholly or partially to blame for her rape if she was drunk, according to a 2009 survey in London Student newspaper.

Cop: ‘Don’t dress like a slut and you won’t get raped’

17 May 2011
‘The police were invited to give a talk on personal safety at the university’s Osgoode Hall Law School after several incidents. There was supposed to be a male and a female officer—but only two men appeared.

Marriage obsession reveals its true role

03 May 2011
The gushing drivel that passed for media coverage of the royal wedding felt like a long advert for the institution of marriage. Every little girl apparently wants to become a princess.

New threat to abortion rights

03 May 2011
Anti-choice MPs have launched a fresh attack on abortion rights.

Defend a woman’s right to choose

22 March 2011
Activists in the Abortion Rights campaign met on Saturday for their annual general meeting. Kay Carberry, TUC assistant general secretary, spoke about the importance of trade unionists taking up the issue of a woman’s right to choose.

International Women's Day: Celebrating the struggle against oppression

01 March 2011
International Women’s Day, which marks its 100th anniversary this year, is now celebrated across the world on 8 March.

Two TV pundits sent off after foul sexism

01 February 2011
The sacking of Andy Gray and subsequent resignation of Richard Keys from Sky Sports has opened up a much needed debate about sexism in football.

Rape charge woman freed

30 November 2010
A woman jailed for "falsely retracting a claim of rape" was freed last week on appeal.

Abortion Rights activists protest at Ann Widdecombe

30 November 2010
Activists from Abortion Rights held a protest against Ann Widdecombe, the anti-choice Tory bigot, on Thursday of last week. She was speaking at a £50-a-head fundraiser for anti‑abortion group Right to Life

Strictly protest against Ann Widdecombe over abortion

23 November 2010
The Abortion Rights group has called a protest against Ann Widdecombe, anti-choice Tory bigot, on Thursday of this week.

Women at risk because of cuts

23 November 2010
Despite government spin that unemployment is down, figures released this week show that unemployment among women is rising. More than a million are now unemployed.

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