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International Women's Day: Celebrating the struggle against oppression

01 March 2011
International Women’s Day, which marks its 100th anniversary this year, is now celebrated across the world on 8 March.

Two TV pundits sent off after foul sexism

01 February 2011
The sacking of Andy Gray and subsequent resignation of Richard Keys from Sky Sports has opened up a much needed debate about sexism in football.

Abortion Rights activists protest at Ann Widdecombe

30 November 2010
Activists from Abortion Rights held a protest against Ann Widdecombe, the anti-choice Tory bigot, on Thursday of last week. She was speaking at a £50-a-head fundraiser for anti‑abortion group Right to Life

Rape charge woman freed

30 November 2010
A woman jailed for "falsely retracting a claim of rape" was freed last week on appeal.

Strictly protest against Ann Widdecombe over abortion

23 November 2010
The Abortion Rights group has called a protest against Ann Widdecombe, anti-choice Tory bigot, on Thursday of this week.

Women at risk because of cuts

23 November 2010
Despite government spin that unemployment is down, figures released this week show that unemployment among women is rising. More than a million are now unemployed.

Are men from Mars and women from Venus?

05 October 2010
We are regularly told that men and women play different roles in society because of fundamental biological differences. It is often assumed, for instance, that women are less able to think logically because their brains are less structured for reasoning than men’s brains.

Why are women paid less than men?

27 July 2010
It’s hard to believe that today, after years of struggle, women are still paid less than men.

What's behind the Bradford killings?

01 June 2010
The murder of three women working as prostitutes in Bradford has shone a light on what is, for much of the establishment, an uncomfortable subject.

Strikes won single status equal pay battle

04 May 2010
Last week, forty years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, some 4,500 women workers won a case at an employment tribunal against Birmingham council.

Dudley protest against racist EDL—rolling update

03 April 2010
6.20pmFrom Dudley

Women's TUC conference

16 March 2010
Nearly 300 delegates from over 30 trade unions met at the annual TUC women’s conference last week.

Love and marriage

23 February 2010
Politicians and sections of the media are panicking about the decline of marriage. If fewer people marry, they say, it will be harmful for their children. And they also go further and say that a decline in marriages will be bad for society as a whole.

Attitudes to rape are forged by the state

16 February 2010
The results of a survey this week about rape led to much media comment—and baffled reactions about the attitudes it recorded among people in Britain.

SWP women’s school success

09 February 2010
Around 100 people came to a dayschool on women’s liberation last weekend, organised by the Socialist Workers Party.

Does the blame for sexism lie with men?

29 September 2009
After a particularly messy break up, a close friend phoned me to gleefully request I buy her the "All men are bastards" knife block, which she had discovered when typing the phrase into Google.

Women's athletics: gender is more than just XX chromosomes

25 August 2009
What defines a woman? The way you look? The way you dress?

Photo: protesters say no to Miss England competition’s misogyny

21 July 2009

Capitalism and rape

24 March 2009
When London taxi driver John Worboys was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting his passengers, it emerged that many women had been reporting attacks for almost seven years, only to have their claims dismissed by the police as "no crime".

Rape case shows sexism ingrained in the police force

17 March 2009
The recent revelation that a London taxi driver drugged, abused and raped tens of female passengers has rightly shocked many people.

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