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News round-up

21 May 2013
The Independent Police Complaints Commission has criticised Essex police for failing to protect a woman who was killed by an ex-partner. 

Austerity backlash: how Tory policies hit working class women hard

30 April 2013
The Tories are ripping up the lives of working class women, according to a new report by the Fawcett Society, writes Judith Orr

Protests at anti-abortionists in Cardiff

21 March 2013
Pro-choice campaigners have stood up to anti-abortion bigots in Cardiff for three weeks in a row.

How can women win liberation?

05 March 2013
Women’s oppression affects every part of women’s lives—from the commodification of our bodies to unequal pay. A recent report, Sex and Power, showed that the situation for women in terms of political representation in Britain is going backwards.

How to close the gender pay gap

30 October 2012
Women who used to work for Birmingham City Council last week won a step forward in their claim for equal pay.

Abortion rights protesters gather outside Houses of Parliament

02 October 2012
Around 100 pro-choice protesters gathered opposite the Houses of Parliament in central London on Saturday of last week.

We need to tackle sexism instead of using no platform

02 October 2012
The National Union of Students (NUS) executive voted to "no platform" MP George Galloway last week for offensive comments he made about rape.

Sexuality and struggle

18 September 2012
A trashy tale of a twisted relationship has become one of Britain’s best selling books. The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy tells the story of a wide eyed virgin who falls for a controlling man and changes him.

Trivialising rape won't help challenge imperialism

28 August 2012
Arguments about the case of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have divided the left and dominated the media over the last week. The debate has centred on the question of rape.

Taking rape seriously

21 August 2012
Myths about rape run deep. A US Republican politician wants to ban abortion, including for women who have been raped.

No place for sexism

29 May 2012
A survey of 3,400 women working in Britain has found that half of them experienced sexual harassment at work—including offensive sexist remarks and being made the butt of chauvinist jokes.

The Women’s Library is amazing—it should stay free for all

08 May 2012
The Women’s Library has the most incredible collection for all those wanting to study the history of the suffrage movement.

Unique women’s library is facing closure from cuts

08 May 2012
The unique Women’s Library in east London could be shut by the end of the year if bosses at London Metropolitan University get their way.

Victimised lecturer reinstated

13 March 2012
A lecturer at Angus College who was suspended after complaining about a sexist event has been reinstated.

Hundreds attend socialist meetings for International Women's Day

13 March 2012
Some 200 people attended the Socialist Workers Party meeting in London to celebrate the socialist tradition of International Women’s Day on Thursday of last week.

Cambridge protest at Strauss-Kahn visit

13 March 2012
Some 200 people protested against alleged rapist and former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Cambridge last Friday (see right).

Doonesbury goes into battle for Texas abortion rights

13 March 2012
A row has erupted over a newspaper cartoon strip portraying a woman seeking an abortion in Texas.

How do we get rid of oppression?

06 March 2012
Some feminists and academics see class as just another inequality.

Alexandra Kollontai: defining International Women's Day

06 March 2012
A celebration of International Women’s Day in February 1917 was the spark that ignited the Russian Revolution.

Right plots attack on abortion rights

28 February 2012
There is a propaganda campaign underway over abortion access in Britain. Right wing bigots are trying to create the impression that the law is too liberal and access to abortion is too easy.

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