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Women's Liberation

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    How close are we to winning equality for women today?
    <span class="question">The anti-war and anti-capitalist movements have been compared with the upsurge of the 1960s. What is the impact of the radicalisation on women?
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    Celebrate uprisings of women workers
    &#39;The working women&#39;s day of militancy." That was how the Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai described the first ever celebration of International Women&#39;s Day in March 1911. That probably isn&#39;t how most people view International Women&#39;s Day, which is on Friday of this week, if they have heard of it at all.
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    Will the war free Afghan women?
    We may never know how many women have been blown to pieces in Afghanistan by B-52s and cluster bombs. That has not stopped Laura Bush and Cherie Blair proclaiming that their husbands&#39; war in Afghanistan is motivated by the high ideals of women&#39;s liberation.
  • Helen Keller - opponent of injustice, fighter for socialism
    Helen Keller - opponent of injustice, fighter for socialism
    Helen Keller&#39;s fight to overcome her disabilities made her life an inspiration for millions of people. Her story is taught in schools around the world. But what is not so well known is that Helen Keller was a committed and active socialist.
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    Protest at the Miss World 'meat market'
    This Saturday we will be subject to the degrading spectacle of the Miss World contest on television. Women will be paraded, ogled at and inspected like so many pieces of meat. They will be judged for the size of their breasts, the shape of their legs or the smoothness of their skin. A "bubbly" personality or an interest in "children or current affairs" may be an asset, but only if the contestant matches up to a stereotypical and sexist image of what is "beautiful".

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