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Individuals and collectives—can I make a difference?

Individuals and collectives—can I make a difference? We often hear the idea that history is made by great acts from great individuals. Simon Basketter explores this idea and the strengths and weaknesses of individual activism

What’s behind the turmoil in Tunisia?

What’s behind the turmoil in Tunisia? Ten years since the revolution Tunisia is facing a coup. Nick Clark explains how corruption, Covid and parliamentary betrayals have fed support for a new government

From Cuba: a description of the protests

From Cuba: a description of the protests As a service to a fuller understanding of the recent Cuban protests, we publish a description by socialists in Cuba.

Remembering Chanie Rosenberg

Remembering Chanie Rosenberg Here we publish our readers' memories of Chanie Rosenberg. You can contribute yours through

Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021

Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021 Chanie Rosenberg, who has died aged 99, spent her life fighting the injustices that are still at the centre of world politics today.

Does the Egyptian revolutionary spark live on?

Does the Egyptian revolutionary spark live on? After the defeat of a revolution, there are always three reactions.

The Egyptian Revolution—the revolutionary party and the battle for change

01 March 2021
At key moments in any revolution, the working class faces important choices. Is it time to consolidate gains that have been won or to push forward to conquer new heights?

The Egyptian Revolution—revolts can spread to win change

22 February 2021
The 2011 revolt in Egypt inspired struggles across the globe. Sophie Squire explains why internationalism is key to winning socialism

The Egyptian Revolution—A glimpse of what democracy could look like

15 February 2021
The Egyptian Revolution was the result of the coming together of two forces—those of the street with those of the workplace. And in both, the question of democracy was crucial.

The Egyptian Revolution—how workers terrified bosses

01 February 2021
A decade ago images of protests in Tahrir Square shook the world. Workers took the revolution to the next level, explains Sadie Robinson

The Egyptian Revolution—what role did the army play?

24 January 2021
After masses of ordinary Egyptian people had seen off the cops and burned down police stations, the army appeared on the streets.

The Egyptian Revolution—18 days that shook the world

18 January 2021
A revolution in Egypt in 2011 overthrew a brutal dictator and gave a glimpse of how society could be run differently. Egyptian revolutionary Hossam el‑Hamalawy tells the story of the revolt and looks at the lessons it holds for struggle today

Tunisia in revolt—ten years on

13 December 2020
Ten years have passed since the start of the Tunisian revolution. Nick Clark explains how it toppled a dictator, encouraged more fightbacks, and shook the world

Engels—200 years on

28 November 2020
Two centuries after the birth of revolutionary and socialist theorist Frederick Engels, Sarah Bates examines a life and legacy that goes beyond collaborating with Karl Marx

We’re proud to be revolutionary

16 June 2020
Right wing newspapers have attacked the Black Lives Matter movement on the grounds that revolutionary socialists are involved in it.

Racism and revolution in the United States

31 May 2020
Why 'black faces in high places' has failed to bring change, and what's the alternative

Coronavirus crisis - put workers in charge and end the chaos of capitalism

05 April 2020
Our ‘betters’ have now realised that workers matter. So could workers run society without bosses?

It’s right to be this afraid

17 March 2020
Coronavirus, climate catastrophe and nuclear war make us feel existential dread about the future of the world. But there is an emergency brake says Simon Basketter

When the wall came tumbling down

05 November 2019
So-called socialist regimes in eastern Europe were nothing of the kind

Global revolt shows we have had enough

22 October 2019
The number of serious revolts erupting across the globe is growing. Many protests sparked by a specific issue quickly turn into more general challenges to the system.

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