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We’re proud to be revolutionary

We’re proud to be revolutionary Right wing newspapers have attacked the Black Lives Matter movement on the grounds that revolutionary socialists are involved in it.

Racism and revolution in the United States

Racism and revolution in the United States Why 'black faces in high places' has failed to bring change, and what's the alternative

Coronavirus crisis - put workers in charge and end the chaos of capitalism

Coronavirus crisis - put workers in charge and end the chaos of capitalism Our ‘betters’ have now realised that workers matter. So could workers run society without bosses?

It’s right to be this afraid

It’s right to be this afraid Coronavirus, climate catastrophe and nuclear war make us feel existential dread about the future of the world. But there is an emergency brake says Simon Basketter

When the wall came tumbling down

When the wall came tumbling down So-called socialist regimes in eastern Europe were nothing of the kind

Global revolt shows we have had enough

Global revolt shows we have had enough The number of serious revolts erupting across the globe is growing. Many protests sparked by a specific issue quickly turn into more general challenges to the system.

Fight the climate crisis and organise a socialist revolution

02 July 2019
In 2019 it is more urgent than ever that we fight for socialism.

Sudan - a history of a mass revolt

30 June 2019
A timeline of the inspiring six-month revolt in Sudan which has raised issues about revolution today

Huge protests in Sudan defy police attacks and call for an end to military rule

30 June 2019
Huge demonstrations swept Sudan on Sunday demanding an end to military rule.

Sudan - revolution at the crossroads

26 June 2019
Sudan’s opposition leaders have said they will agree to a compromise deal with the country’s military rulers. But the military rejected it.

Mohammed Morsi’s death in Egypt shows the need for real revolutionary change

18 June 2019
The death of former president Mohammed Morsi on Monday shone a light on the brutal reality of the Egyptian counter-revolution.

Sudan—a revolt on the brink

07 June 2019
The uprising in Sudan has reached a pivotal moment. Attempts to crush it could either drown it in blood—or push to struggle for deeper-reaching change

China 1989 - workers in revolt

27 May 2019
Thirty years ago demonstrators stood up to tanks in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Sadie Robinson looks at what the mass revolt of students and workers was all about

Algeria sees protests, arrests and debate about how to beat the state

12 May 2019
The Algerian regime is using both concessions and repression in an effort to stabilise its rule. But huge protests and strikes continue.

How we can win a real say

28 April 2019
What does democracy looks like? And who creates it?

South Africa—birth of a party that says it stands for revolution

07 April 2019
The Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party has been formally launched in South Africa.

Millions-strong Algerian movement piles pressure on hated regime

06 April 2019
Millions of Algerians protested on Friday despite the former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika being forced from office on Tuesday. 

Get rid of bonuses, and the whole system - leave the rich nothing

26 March 2019
MPs want firms to cut bosses’ bonuses—because they fear the payouts will turn people against capitalism.

Egyptian socialists on five lessons from Sudan and Algeria

21 March 2019
A new wave of mass mobilisations has been on the rise for many weeks in Algeria, and over the past three months in Sudan.

North Africa - from a democratic uprising to revolution

17 March 2019
The massive protests that have gripped Algeria in recent weeks are inspiring. How can they win?

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