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The revolution in Egypt is entering a new phase

12 July 2012
The political scene since the inauguration of Mohamed Mursi as Egypt’s president has been extremely fluid.

Stand with the Syrian revolt

10 July 2012
The Syrian regime has brutally cracked down—but as Adi Atassi’s article shows, the spirit and resolve of the revolution remains unbroken.

Syrians fight for the future

10 July 2012
Our revolution is first of all the rejection of decades of one party rule, where we could only have one ideology, one way of thinking and where we were isolated from any real political debate.

Recalling the victory of the Algerian revolution

03 July 2012
Algeria won independence from France in 1962 after a revolutionary war that cost more than a million Algerian lives. The French had invaded in 1830, but it took them almost two decades to crush Arab and Berber resistance.

Eyewitness: 'Workers have the power to win this revolution'

26 June 2012
The president of the republic, Mohamed Mursi, won’t be allowed to go to bathroom without Field Marshal Tantawi’s permission. Scaf will remain political leader.

Syrian rebels hold strong against Assad's demoralised forces

26 June 2012
The shooting down of a Turkish jet fighter by Syrian forces marks a dramatic turn in the Syrian revolution.

Britain's Industrial Revolution: the birth of a new power

26 June 2012
During this summer of royal and sporting spectacles, we seem to be surrounded by the warmed up leftovers of Britain’s patriotic myths.

Statement from Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists in wake of Mursi's presidential victory

25 June 2012
Egyptians heard on Sunday that Mohamed Mursi from the Muslim Brotherhood had won the country’s first presidential election since the fall of the dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt’s revolution hangs in the balance

19 June 2012
The revolution in Egypt is at a critical moment. Some commentators in the mainstream media have even declared it finished.

Unity against generals' attempted coup in Egypt

19 June 2012
The ruling Military Council (Scaf) has launched a number of very serious attacks on the Egyptian Revolution over the last week. The military police can now arrest civilians at will and parliament has been dissolved.

Revolution in the 'progressive' bloc

19 June 2012
The revolutionary socialist tradition has always combined a commitment to workers’ revolution with opposition to imperialism.

Syria and imperialism

19 June 2012
Revolutions are momentous political battles centred on the actions of millions of ordinary people. They are full of surprises and contradictions—and do not follow any prescribed course or formula.

Syrian movement unites against Assad's regime

12 June 2012
The revolution in Syria is entering a critical phase marked by mutinies, strikes and a growing insurgency—as well as renewed attempts by the West and other outside forces to intervene.

The Egyptian revolution has entered a new phase

05 June 2012
All the possibilities and problems of Egypt’s revolution have been plain to see in Tahrir Square this week.

Greece's real battle comes after election

29 May 2012
It’s a cliche but it’s nevertheless true that the eyes of the world are on Greece. I get feverish updates of the latest opinion poll from revolutionary Marxists and bourgeois economists alike.

Western military intervention would destroy Syria's revolution

29 May 2012
Western powers have pounced on the massacre in Houla to once again talk up the idea of foreign intervention in the revolution. As socialists, we remain firm in our opposition to any such intervention.

Massacre in Houla marks point of no return for Syria's regime

29 May 2012
The terrible massacre of civilians in the village of Houla near the restive city of Homs marks a watershed for the Syrian revolution.

Revolution continues beyond the poll in Egypt

29 May 2012
When Egypt’s parliamentary elections produced a majority for the Muslim Brotherhood last year, many journalists and academics declared that the revolution was over.

Revolutionary Socialists' statement on Egypt's presidential elections

28 May 2012
The Revolutionary Socialists Movement confirms its opposition on principle to the candidate of the Military Council, the dissolved National Democratic Party and the forces of the counter-revolution, Ahmad Shafiq.

Focus on Syria: 'Assad’s attempt to crush the resistance has failed'

15 May 2012
The Syrian revolution is moving along several different tracks.

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