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Poland 1956: The Poznan uprising

01 July 2006
The Poznan uprising of June 1956 sparked a mass movement in Poland and set in train the events leading towards the revolution in Hungary later in the year.

Che Guevara: an image that keeps the spirit of revolution alive

17 June 2006
The handsome face with the far away gaze stares down from posters on streets and bedroom walls all over the world, more recognisable perhaps than fellow beardie Jesus Christ.

Enemies: capturing the spirit of the 1905 Russian Revolution

23 May 2006
Whatever your feelings about Maxim Gorky, Enemies is a play that seems to capture the possibilities when society is on the edge of change.

Revolution in consciousness

23 May 2006
Workplaces of all kinds have been occupied – from textiles, printing and metallurgy, to ceramics and industrial bakeries. Schools, hotels and supermarkets have also been occupied.

Latin left’s spirit of revolt hits Europe

20 May 2006
Venezuela’s radical president Hugo Chavez received a rapturous reception at a packed meeting in London last Sunday. "We are participating in a revolution," Chavez told his audience.

Lebanon: anger on the streets as the Cedar Revolution wilts

20 May 2006
A quarter of a million workers, students and professionals marched through the streets of Beirut on Wednesday of last week in one of the biggest workers’ demonstrations in Lebanon’s history. Schools, shops and businesses closed for a day in solidarity with the demonstrators.

James Connolly struck a blow against British imperialism

29 April 2006
A few days from now is an anniversary no Socialist Worker reader should let pass unremembered. On 12 May 1916, the British Army executed the Irish revolutionary James Connolly.

Biofuels: cure or a new threat?

29 April 2006
With oil prices above $70 a barrel, could biofuels help to solve our energy crisis and reduce climate change at the same time? From George Bush to the European Union (EU), governments around the world seem to think so – and are beginning to subsidise the new biofuel revolution.

Nepal: revolution at the crossroads

29 April 2006
The popular uprising in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal was celebrating a victory as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday of this week. The country had been paralysed for weeks by a general strike and popular movement against the hated and brutal regime of King Gyanendra.

A stark choice: Leninism or liberalism

15 April 2006
A stark choice: Leninism or liberalism

Rich Britain

25 March 2006
In the last two decades, a remarkable revolution has been occurring in Britain – a great surge in both the numbers of the very rich and in the level of their wealth.

A bold celebration of Cuba’s ‘cinema of urgency’

04 March 2006
Cuban cinema first came into its own after the 1959 revolution with the creation of the Cuban film institute, ICAIC. The British Film Institute has put together a selection of ICAIC films which is currently touring the country.

Revolution is in the air

25 February 2006
Last summer something happened that has not been seen for three decades. The Andean state of Bolivia in Latin America experienced a classic revolutionary crisis with mass strikes, rebellion on the land and an insurrection which overthrew a neo-liberal president.

Revolution in the Revolution

11 February 2006
Read SR, our new monthly supplement, with a lead article on Venezuela, an interview with leading Marxist David Harvey and great columnists including China Miéville.


11 February 2006

Soviet Times: photos of war and revolution

11 February 2006
This exhibition of 30 photographs from the archives of Novosti RAI, the Soviet Press Agency is a must see. It charts the history of Russia from the 1917 revolution to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Protesting against both imperial powers in 1956

11 February 2006
Socialist historians met in London last week for a conference on 1956, a key year which saw the Suez crisis and a workers’ revolution in Hungary. Stan Newens, the former left wing Labour MP, was a young activist in London at the time. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the impact of that year on working class people.

World Social Forum meets in a country of resistance

04 February 2006
There was one word that could be heard being repeated throughout last week’s World Social Forum (WSF) – revolution.

Democracy call haunts US leaders

04 February 2006
It's barely a year since, at his second inauguration, George Bush proclaimed the commitment of the US to an apparently revolutionary programme of spreading democracy worldwide.

The new Socialist Review

04 February 2006
Venezuela: the revolution within the revolution "Ninety percent of the workers here are women. I have worked here as a sewing machinist for 24 years. When the owners said they were going to close down, we all decided to occupy the factory."Carmen Fuentes, SEIFEX factory in Caracas

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