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Democracy call haunts US leaders

04 February 2006
It's barely a year since, at his second inauguration, George Bush proclaimed the commitment of the US to an apparently revolutionary programme of spreading democracy worldwide.

Mozart: musical beauty in an age of revolution

21 January 2006
To mark the anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg, Austria, on 28 January 1756 we will once again be regaled with tales of the boy genius who was practically composing masterpieces in his crib.

Globalised revolution

14 January 2006
The headiness of 1990s globalisation has waned. But even though the global economy has slowed and resistance has surged up in the Middle East and elsewhere, the world’s comfortable classes peer hopefully into the coming decades.

Who says?

14 January 2006
"No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, George Bush, says, millions of American people support your revolution. We are expressing our full solidarity with the Venezuelan people."US singer Harry Belafonte, on Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez

Brokeback Mountain

07 January 2006
Back in 1960s Iran, a favourite pastime was mountaineering. At the time, going up to the mountains was viewed by many as a revolutionary act.

1956 a year of revolt and revolution

07 January 2006
There are years when everything changes at once. Conflicts built up over a decade or more suddenly explode and the entire political landscape is transformed. For the British left, 1956 was one of those years.

Venezuela: children of the revolution

03 December 2005
A Venezuelan school taken over by parents, students and teachers is the exciting subject of a new photographic exhibition.


26 November 2005

Chavez and the Venezuelan revolution

12 November 2005
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has become a focus across Latin America for resistance to George Bush, writes Hugh O’Shaughnessy

Rubens — his brush was the sword of counter revolution

05 November 2005
Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) was a great painter. Anyone who enjoys painting or is interested in the history of art will gain pleasure, and perhaps inspiration, from the exhibition of his work, Rubens: A Master in the Making, now showing at the National Gallery in London.

When midnight struck in Moscow

22 October 2005
By December 1905, Russia was gearing itself up for a full-scale counter-revolution.

TUC votes for solidarity with Bolivarian Revolution

24 September 2005
The Trade Union Congress (TUC) meeting last week passed a motion to oppose the attempts of the US administration and Venezuelan bosses to overthrow Hugo Chavez.

The need for working class organisation

24 September 2005
The First World War precipitated an international revolutionary crisis. That the climax had already occurred in the Bolshevik revolution of October 1917 was far from apparent during the immediate post-war years.

Class, ideology and revolution in the West

03 September 2005
In order for ideas to gain popular acceptance, Antonio Gramsci argued, those ideas have to be carried down into society by layers of individuals.

Two visions at the heart of the Bolivarian revolution

27 August 2005
In the seven years since he was first elected to Venezuela’s presidency, Hugo Chavez’s government has faced three direct challenges.

Popular power in the Philippines

20 August 2005
In 1986 tens of thousands of Filipinos demonstrated on a busy thoroughfare in the Philippine capital of Manila, in an event that soon became known as the "people power revolution". The mass protests ended over 20 years of corrupt and brutal dictatorship under Ferdinand Marcos, restoring liberal democracy to the country.

Revolution lives on in the 21st century

09 July 2005
Who talks of revolution today? The mainstream social democratic left — re-branded as the "centre left" — has long given up talking about socialism, let alone revolution.


02 July 2005

Timeline of the Portuguese revolution

25 June 2005
25 April 1974Officers overthrow the Caetano dictatorship. General Spinola appointed president.1 May 1974100,000 people march through Lisbon to celebrate May Day.27-28 September 1974Right plans coup. Spinola calls for demonstration of the "silent majority". Workers build barricades and block bridges. Right wingers arrested. Spinola resigns.11 March 1975Right wing, led by Spinola, attempt coup by attacking left wing soldiers in Lisbon. Workers besiege police barracks and surround the paratroopers attacking the soldiers, arguing with them. Coup peters out and Spinola flees to Brazil.</l

Working class people shook themselves free from repression

25 June 2005
The industrial district of Setubal was one of the most militant parts of Portugal during the revolution.

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