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Post Office counters staff to hold strike

10 July 2007
Counters workers in the big high street post offices are to strike on two days next week rather than this week. They will strike on Monday 16 July from 2.30pm to 7pm, and Thursday 19 July from 6am to 12 noon.

Reports round-up

10 July 2007
RMT to ballot over pension rights Over 11,000 members of the RMT rail workers’ union at companies covered by the Transport for London (TfL) pension fund are balloting for strike action over plans to undermine the pension rights of people forced to leave their jobs through ill-health.

United strike can win for all workers

10 July 2007
Every day it becomes clearer that the postal workers’ dispute over pay and in defence of the postal service is crucial for workers across Britain.

Coca Cola workers in Wakefield plan strike

10 July 2007
Workers at Coca Cola’s bottling and distribution plant in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, may strike over pay.

Subcontracted Chilean copper miners strike to demand ‘Same work, Same pay’

09 July 2007
The use of sub-contractors has become endemic in Chilean copper mines. In 1980 the state copper company Codelco employed 28,000 workers on fixed contracts. Now only 18,000 work "direct", and 33,300 work for sub-contractors – and the jobs which are "tendered out" are the same jobs that direct workers do.

South African general strike shows victory is possible

03 July 2007
The South African mass public sector workers’ strike ended last week with much improved pay rises for over a million workers.

Post strike reports from around the country show anger and strength

03 July 2007
Glasgow At the mail centre in Springburn, the strike began with a walk-out at 4.45am. A driver refused to cross a picket line at the nearby Baird Street delivery office.

Why is Sir Digby Jones in Brown’s government?

03 July 2007
My union was on strike last week when we heard that Gordon Brown had made bosses’ rep Sir Digby Jones a trade minister in his government.

Edinburgh parking attendants strike again

03 July 2007
More than 80 low paid parking attendants working for NCP in Edinburgh struck on Friday and Saturday of last week. Their action follows a successful one-day strike earlier in the month.

Post workers defiant strike that shocked the bosses

03 July 2007
The post strike last week showed how Gordon Brown’s pay assault against millions of public sector workers can be stopped almost as it’s launched.

Rail workers demand justice

03 July 2007
Signallers in Scotland and maintenance workers in Cumbria were set to strike on Friday this week. The Scottish signallers had been denied a bonus for striking to defend an agreement over working hours that the company had reneged on.

Defending a crucial public service

03 July 2007
Postal workers rightly insist that the strike is about a lot more than their pay and conditions – although these are centrally important.

Post strike solid at Glasgow Mail Centre

02 July 2007
At Glasgow Mail Centre, Springburn, the post strike began with a walk-out at 4.45am. A driver refused to cross a picket line at the nearby Baird Street delivery office. Management suspended him and the 20 or so drivers remaining threw in their van keys and walked off their shift there and then. A CWU union rep said that management had been acting like this up and down the country.

Post strike reports from Scotland and Wales

29 June 2007
Dundee There were around 30 pickets at the Dundee West depot. At the Dundee East depot, the only people in the depot were four managers and cleaner.

Post strike reports from around England

29 June 2007
Brighton There were about 40 on the picket line and the mood was one of determination not to be pushed around

Post strike reports from London

29 June 2007
West London "Morale is up, the strike is solid and there’s no-one in the sub-offices," reported Paul the CWU rep at Paddington mail centre in West London. Around a dozen pickets gathered.

Postal strike: pickets and solidarity greet Gordon Brown

29 June 2007
The post strike brought total closure to Royal Mail today with only a few handfuls in total crossing picket lines across Britain.

Salford council workers strike against casualisation

28 June 2007
About 140 workers for Salford council’s direct service – refuse workers, recycling teams and road sweepers – struck on Wednesday 27 June. The workers are members of new Unite union. This was not a strike over pay, but against casualisation.

Workers’ action brings Nigeria to a standstill

26 June 2007
The four day nationwide strike in Nigeria from 20 to 23 June has once again demonstrated the revolutionary potential of the working class. Nigeria’s President, Umaru Yar’Adua, said the strike "wreaked havoc on our economy and our people" in a letter to the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

Battle looms over bonuses on Network Rail

26 June 2007
Members of the RMT union working for Network Rail in Scotland and Cumbria have voted overwhelmingly to strike in a dispute over bonuses.

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