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18 May 2010
I can’t stay Lib Dem after deal with Tories I’ve been forced to cancel my membership of the Liberal Democrats after almost five years because I cannot support a coalition with the Tories.

Labour must feel heat from the unions

11 May 2010
Gordon Brown’s notice of resignation was a last-ditch attempt to enable the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition with Labour and keep his party in government. It presents many questions to trade union leaders.

Just who are the Liberal Democrats?

27 April 2010
The leaders’ television debates have thrown the election into chaos.

The party leaders' TV debate: a lot of spin but not much argument

16 April 2010
The media went into overdrive over the party leaders’ first televised debate. There were many inanities, including Liberal MP Chris Huhne being asked if the debate was shallow, responding with "Yes it’s shallow but less shallow than what went before." And ex-Labour MP Oona King offering, "The problem with television is that it's very televisual".

Lib Dems’ threat to jobs

13 April 2010
The Liberal Democrats are trying to galvanise public revulsion with bankers and fat cats to boost their vote.

Don’t be fooled by the Lib Dems’ fluffy facade

30 March 2010
The newspapers were quick to declare victory for the Liberal Democrats’ Vince Cable in last week’s "Ask the Chancellors" TV debate.

Japan's election shows historic demand for change

01 September 2009
Last Sunday’s general election in Japan delivered a landslide victory for the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and an unprecedented defeat for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which has ruled the country almost continuously for 50 years. The DPJ won 308 lower house seats to the LDP’s 119.

Drastic cuts? British parties turn to the Canadian option

14 July 2009
A meeting that may be a sign of things to come took place in London a few weeks ago. Two former Liberal government bureaucrats from Canada – Jocelyne Bourgon and Marcel Massé – met with leading British Tories and senior civil servants.

Rising up against imperialism and war

08 July 2008
In 1910, the year that James Connolly returned to Ireland from the US, the British Liberal government introduced a Home Rule Bill for Ireland.

A ‘grand coalition’ to preserve the union with Scotland

15 January 2008
On Tuesday of this week, Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat leaders in Scotland sat down with Des Browne, the Scottish secretary, to agree a major joint campaign to preserve the unity of the United Kingdom.

Raising the school leaving age: education for all?

20 November 2007
On the surface of it, giving all young people not only the right but the obligation to stay on in education or training until 18 could be seen as the liberal educationalist’s dream.

A change of leader won’t help Lib Dems

16 October 2007
The Liberal Democrats removed one leader because he had a drink problem. They have now thrown another out, apparently for being too old.

Arun Kundnani: How liberals lost their anti-racism

02 October 2007
A new sentiment has gripped mainstream liberal thinking in Britain over the last few years – one which regards Muslims as uniquely problematic and in need of forceful integration into "superior" Western values.

Why the market is a mortal threat to the NHS

28 August 2007
The NHS is one of the most valued institutions in British society. But its very basis is under threat from the neoliberal policies that Gordon Brown’s New Labour government, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, subscribe to.

Britain’s failing presence in Iraq and Afghanistan

21 August 2007
The game is pretty well up for the British presence in Iraq. Opinions as diverse as Menzies Campbell, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, and rebel leader Moqtada al-Sadr, whose base is among Shia in Baghdad’s Sadr City and in the south of the country centred on Basra, agree.

Election defeat for Japan's ruling party as system cracks

08 August 2007
The recent elections in Japan were a huge defeat for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the right wing prime minister Shinzo Abe.

Japan’s upper house elections disastrous for ruling party

31 July 2007
Last Sunday’s elections to the upper house of the Japanese parliament were a huge defeat for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the right wing prime minister Shinzo Abe. Elections were held for 121 seats – half of the upper house. The LDP only won 37 seats, while the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) gained a majority with 60 seats.


17 March 2007

Reigniting the anti-academy campaign in Brent

10 March 2007
When Brent's Liberal Democrats and Tories came to form a coalition administration after last year's local elections one of their first acts was to throw out Labour's plan for a new school as a City Academy in Wembley.

Lib Dems put weight behind ‘winnable war’

03 March 2007
The Liberal Democrats have benefited enormously from being the only establishment party to oppose the war in Iraq. Yet last week their leader, Menzies Campbell, spoke up in support of sending more troops to Afghanistan.

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