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Birmingham councillor – ‘Why I joined Respect’

09 December 2006
Birmingham councillor Abdul Aziz has joined Respect. Councillor Aziz had been an independent in the council chamber after he recently left the Liberal Democrats.

Lib Dem council says Islington Green School will close

18 November 2006
Islington’s Liberal Democrat controlled council, against national party policy, has ignored the wishes of the governors of Islington Green School (IGS) and issued a closure notice on the school in order to reopen it in 2008 as an academy.

Labour in cartoons 1: 1912 - cuddling up to the Liberals

21 October 2006
The 1910 general election saw 42 Labour MPs elected. Labour had made an agreement with the ruling Liberals that gave it a clear run in a number of seats. In return, Labour agreed to support the Liberal government that was returned with no overall majority.

Manchester's history of rebellion

23 September 2006
Abolitionists There is a myth that the abolition of the British slave trade came about because of pressure from enlightened liberal individuals such as William Wilberforce.

Media bias for Israel: ‘a diet of undiluted lies’

22 July 2006
‘If you only have information from the mainstream media about the Middle East, you won’t understand what is happening. It is a diet of almost undiluted lies. Even the liberal media have bought almost wholly the notion of plucky little Israel going a bit far.

Liberal Democrats lurch to the right

11 March 2006
The Liberal Democrats are keen to present themselves as the "realistic" choice for those who want to express their dissatisfaction with Tony Blair, over his war in Iraq and so much more. That was the case in the recent Dunfermline West by-election, which the Lib Dems unexpectedly won by posing as a left alternative to Labour.

Scottish Socialist Party election result

25 February 2006
The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) won just short of 6 percent in a Glasgow city council by-election last week in Milton, beating the combined votes of both the Tories and the Liberal Democrats.

Liverpool council housing privatisation plan

18 February 2006
Liverpool City Council is planning a massive privatisation drive covering all of its 18,000 council houses. The Liberal Democrat controlled council wants to transfer ownership and management of its housing to a mutual company.

Three parties converge on centre-right ground

14 January 2006
David Cameron, the new leader of the Tories, has already had an effect on British politics — his election has shifted all three main parties into competion over the centre?right political ground. That, rather than drink problems, was why Charles Kennedy was forced out of the Liberal Democrat leadership last week.

Newham defections boost Respect

10 December 2005
The left challenge to New Labour received a boost in Newham, east London, last week when a Labour councillor and the secretary of the Liberal Democrats in the area joined Respect.

Southwark council also attacks the elderly

01 October 2005
Residents and council workers in Southwark met on Thursday of last week to launch a campaign against another attack launched by the Liberal Democrat led council. The council plans to transfer home care services for elderly residents to a new private company.

Popular power in the Philippines

20 August 2005
In 1986 tens of thousands of Filipinos demonstrated on a busy thoroughfare in the Philippine capital of Manila, in an event that soon became known as the "people power revolution". The mass protests ended over 20 years of corrupt and brutal dictatorship under Ferdinand Marcos, restoring liberal democracy to the country.

Gains for the left PJP follow Birmingham vote-rigging case

06 August 2005
Left wing candidates took two council seats in Birmingham last week. The People’s Justice Party (PJP) gained two councillors in the Bordesley Green ward with Labour taking the third seat. The Liberal Democrats gained all three seats in Aston ward.

How real is the Lib Dem surge?

07 May 2005
The Liberal Democrats became the focus for many people who are angry with New Labour. That’s not surprising. They were constantly described by the media as being against the war in Iraq.

Lib Dem conference calls for strike ban

12 March 2005
The Liberal Democrats passed policy at their spring conference last weekend to ban groups of workers from striking.

Not so Liberal in Liverpool

12 February 2005
FIVE UNISON union members in Liverpool council are still fighting to overturn suspensions handed out to them by council managers.

Labour MPs back Liverpool campaign for union rights

29 January 2005
LIVERPOOL Labour MP Bob Wareing has backed the battle against the local council’s assault on union rights. The council, controlled by the Liberal Democrats, has turned on activists in the wake of the recent dispute involving social workers.

Now back the battle against victimisation

22 January 2005
SOCIAL WORKERS in Liverpool’s families and children department went back to work on Tuesday of last week after a heroic four month all-out strike was ended by regional officials in the Unison union. Before the dispute ended, we warned that the Liberal Democrat controlled council was intent on victimising us.

Is Kennedy a radical alternative to Blair?

02 October 2004
WE CAN agree with Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy on two assessments.

Cuts, privatisation and anti-union laws—the Liberal Democrat way

02 October 2004
IN POWER the Lib Dems live up to their talk of "tough liberalism" and "the supremacy of the free market".

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