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Lecturers to ballot on national negotiating arrangements

08 January 2008
Members of the UCU lecturers’ union in higher education are to be balloted from 21 January on new national negotiating arrangements.

Bosses push cuts at Keele University

17 December 2007
Bosses have launched a swingeing attack on jobs and courses at Keele university. They want to axe 38 out of 67 academic staff in the Economics and Management Studies School to create a smaller "corporate style" business school.

Organising lecturers for the pay battle

17 December 2007
The UCU lecturers’ union Further Education Committee (FEC) met on Friday of last week. The ongoing campaign against Gordon Brown’s pay freeze was a major issue.

Teachers' rally calls for united fight over pay

11 December 2007
Some 400 public sector workers attended a rally for decent pay on Thursday of last week.

Lecturers' union attacks temporary contracts

11 December 2007
The UCU lecturers’ union has attacked university employers for "blighting" higher education by putting the majority of new workers on temporary rather than permanent contracts.

Academies cut maternity leave in Southwark

11 December 2007
New Labour’s Academies programme has come under fire again after it was discovered that academies in Southwark, south London, had introduced contracts halving paid maternity leave.

Teachers' strike ballot moved to January

04 December 2007
Teachers in the NUT union are likely to ballot for action over pay in January, and not December, as originally planned.

Results of NUT election announced

27 November 2007
The result of the recent National Union of Teachers (NUT) election was announced at the end of last week.

Westminster teacher's strike

27 November 2007
Members of the NUT teachers’ union at Pimlico School in Westminster, London were on strike on Tuesday of this week against their lunch break being cut.

South London meetings oppose academy plans

27 November 2007
Last week there were two public meetings to discuss new secondary schools planned for south London.

Liverpool teachers threaten walkout

27 November 2007
Teachers in Liverpool are threatening to walk out if their pay demands are not met. Over 100 teachers across the city are expected to protest on Thursday of this week against Brown’s pay freeze, and are warning that a ballot for strike action could begin in the new year.

2 percent pay cap for teachers

20 November 2007
Teachers in England and Wales look set to have their pay held down to a 2 percent "rise" each year for the next three years.

Fighting to save Islington Green school

20 November 2007
Islington’s Lib Dem council leader James Kempton is determined to close Islington Green school in north London and reopen it as an academy.

Lecturers vote to stick to planned ballot over pay

20 November 2007
Members of the national executive of the University and College Lecturers Union (UCU) in further education met last week to discuss action over pay.

Raising the school leaving age: education for all?

20 November 2007
On the surface of it, giving all young people not only the right but the obligation to stay on in education or training until 18 could be seen as the liberal educationalist’s dream.

Stopped and searched on the way to classes

13 November 2007
Clapton in east London is what the home office likes to call a "crime hotspot", brimming with what police jargon calls "targeted individuals" or "prominent nominals". An ethnically mixed area of the capital, it picked up a bad reputation with the media, who called the neighbourhood the "murder mile". Both police and locals say this description is now out of date.

Lecturers step up the momentum in the fight over pay

13 November 2007
Members of the UCU lecturers’ union in further education (FE) colleges around the country are still waiting for a promised ballot on industrial action over their current below inflation pay offer.

Lecturers' union to hold special higher education pay conference

06 November 2007
The UCU lecturers’ union will hold a special higher education pay conference on 9 November. The key issue up for discussion at the meeting is the threat by our employers to withdraw from national bargaining.

Vote for Roger King and Gill Goodswen in NUT elections

06 November 2007
Ballot papers have now been sent out for the NUT teacher’s union national elections.

College workers' union discusses organising casualised workers

30 October 2007
The first UCU college workers’ union national meeting for fixed term and hourly paid workers took place in London on Friday of last week.

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