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Scottish FE action + United Colleges + Liverpool university

12 April 2021
College lecturers across Scotland plan a further two‑day strike in a continuing dispute over the replacement of lecturers with instructors on lower pay and with worse conditions.

Scottish college lecturers stage two-day strike in jobs battle

31 March 2021
College lecturers across Scotland launched a two-day strike on Wednesday in a continuing dispute over the replacement of lecturers with poorer paid instructors with worse conditions.

Pimlico Academy school students revolt over racism

31 March 2021
Hundreds of school students at Pimlico Academy protested against racism and sexism on Wednesday morning

NEU union members strike for John Boken and at Leaways school

30 March 2021
There were socially-distanced picket lines at Shrewsbury Colleges Group on Tuesday as workers began a two-day strike to defend NEU union rep John Boken. 

Scottish college lecturers launch strikes to protect jobs and education

25 March 2021
Workers at further education colleges across Scotland walked out on Thursday over bosses’ attacks on their jobs.

Fight to stop victimisation at Shrewsbury Colleges + education round-up

22 March 2021
Workers at Shrewsbury Colleges Group planned a three-day strike on Tuesday in defence of victimised NEU union rep John Boken. 

Scottish FE strike coming after bosses reject their own offer

20 March 2021
Extraordinary events have rocked Further Education in Scotland in the national dispute over the replacement of lecturers by instructors

Forth Valley College workers strike over jobs

17 March 2021
Over 200 EIS union members at Forth Valley College, Scotland, began 18 days of strikes on Wednesday in an escalation of a dispute over jobs.

NEU Left launched as membership organisation

15 March 2021
At a historic meeting of 185 NEU union activists on Saturday the NEU Left became a national membership organisation

Keep up pressure in Scottish further education

15 March 2021
National negotiations have now produced a joint statement which is seen as an important step forward, but it's not ratified

Workers say latest plans are a ‘one way road to an early death’

09 March 2021
Education unions have rightly said the Tories’ “big bang” reopening of schools in England is reckless.

Shrewsbury Colleges strikers say it’s right to resist

09 March 2021
NEU union members at the group are fighting to defend victimised union rep John Boken

Full schools reopening will fuel Covid-19 spread with tens of thousands dead, warn scientists

07 March 2021
A full return to schools and colleges in England this week will contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands more people by spreading Covid-19.

New battles coming over university workers’ pensions

06 March 2021
Some estimates suggest that members wouldn’t even get back the money they put into the scheme.

We can resist the unsafe return, say school workers

02 March 2021
Boris Johnson still wants ten million people to return to schools and colleges in England on Monday of next week. His deadly plan must be resisted.

Scottish further education lecturers vote for national strike from 16 March

27 February 2021
Management want to replace lecturers. People are told to do the same job but on vastly inferior conditions

Shrewsbury Colleges strike for victimised union rep John Boken

24 February 2021
Strikers stressed that the fight to defend John is part of a much bigger battle

Battle is on to stop unsafe schools return on 8 March

22 February 2021
Boris Johnson’s plan to fully reopen all schools in England on 8 March will put many more lives at risk.

UEL strikers fight for jobs and education

22 February 2021
 UCU union members at the University of East London staged a two-day strike this week in a fight to save jobs + Chichester College

Workers and trade unionists demand no unsafe return to schools

18 February 2021
A meeting heard calls to organise in every school to make sure people know their rights and know how to use them effectively

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