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The power of the working class today

The power of the working class today Jane Hardy’s new book, Nothing to Lose But Our Chains, argues despite bosses best efforts to stop workers' resistance, hope is not lost. She spoke to Nick Clark

Mental health affecting pupils’ exam results

Mental health affecting pupils’ exam results Pupils experiencing poor mental health are over three times less likely to achieve five GCSEs at grades A*-C, or 9-4, than their peers.

Anti-racism isn’t to blame for Tory education failures

Anti-racism isn’t to blame for Tory education failures The Tories have discovered the terrible injustices faced by working class children. And they are very angry about them. Or at least they are pretending to be, to fuel a different agenda.

Report finds links between class and Covid exposure

Report finds links between class and Covid exposure A new Office for National Statistics report this week underlined how class has largely determined how much you were exposed to Covid-19.

Who is working class?

Who is working class? A debate is raging about the attributes that make us working class to try and understand why some are losing faith in the Labour Party. Isabel Ringrose explores what really defines class.

Do the election results mean that class is dead?

Do the election results mean that class is dead? Elections in Britain last week have led to announcements of the death of class and the end of a clear divide between “left and right”.

Government’s Sewell report denies systematic racism

06 April 2021
“If the report had been intended to help address racism in Britain, it must surely be written off as a disaster.”

The real link between racism and class

06 April 2021
The Report of the Sewell Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities may look a mess. But it’s a calculated political hit. It aims to erase the concept of institutional racism.

Key issues in the fight against the police bill

29 March 2021
With protests growing around Britain, Isabel Ringrose looks at what’s at stake—and what we can do

Poor twice as likely to die from virus as business booms for the bosses

24 July 2020
Class and wealth shapes who lives and who dies from coronavirus.

Class isn’t just oppression—it’s the power to fight back

17 September 2019
Union leaders agreed to define class as a form of discrimination. But it’s not just another oppression, argues Sadie Robinson

Class was the key for Erik Olin Wright

29 January 2019
The Marxist sociologist Erik Olin Wright died of leukaemia last week. He was 71 years old.

Early deaths for the poor—shame of Tory Britain

31 July 2018
Poverty shapes every aspect of our lives—as a BBC documentary highlighted this week.

Staring reality in the face

28 May 2018
The working class movement is not in rude health. But, argues Simon Basketter, change can happen quickly. Socialists must be ready when it does and start organising now

The lesson of the KFC cock up

20 February 2018
A supply-chain cock up at KFC fast food stores left bosses in a flap

Karl Marx showed why workers have the power to change the world

15 January 2018
This year marks 200 years since Karl Marx’s birth. Sadie Robinson explains why workers are central in the first of an occasional series

Poverty report finds millions suffer hardship

05 December 2017
Tory rule has increased the number of children, pensioners and workers who live in poverty—reversing a long-term decline.

What are the odds of that? The Tories are in the pockets of the gambling bosses

06 November 2017
A report on fixed odds betting terminals is completely toothless in the face of big bookies—and refuses to admit that poverty causes problem gambling, argues Sarah Bates

No is not enough—but we need more than ideas to change society

01 September 2017
Naomi Klein’s vision of how to win change only gets half way there

Fat cats rake it in—make them pay out

08 August 2017
Some newspapers last week reported that Britain’s top bosses have suffered a 17 percent pay cut. The real news is that the gap between bosses’ and workers’ wages is growing.

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