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Workers can push back Tory attacks

13 March 2012
The Tories are waging war on the working class. From selling off the health service to attacking pensions and benefits, they are determined to drive down our living standards.

A long, proud history of working class struggle

13 March 2012
Picketing has an important history in the trade union movement.

How do we get rid of oppression?

06 March 2012
Some feminists and academics see class as just another inequality.

Do men help to oppress women?

28 February 2012
Last week I argued that locating women’s oppression within the family and the rise of class society helps us to understand why it exists.

Plans to bring Engels' 'Condition of the Working Class in England' to modern Manchester

28 February 2012
In the early 1840s a young German revolutionary called Frederick Engels spent three years in Manchester. He observed how rapid industrialisation had made working class lives a misery.

Melvyn Bragg on Class and Culture

21 February 2012
This three-part documentary looks at how class became a central issue in British culture as the 20th century unfolded.

The Muppets: a red turn for the green frog?

21 February 2012
"Why is being rich bad all of a sudden in today’s society? We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?"

Victory shows workers can win in struggle

21 February 2012
The electricians’ victory is a simple answer to those that say the working class isn’t a force or that unions are too weak to win.

How class society led to women's oppression

21 February 2012
Women’s lives today are dramatically different to how they were just a few decades ago.

1972 - how workers broke a Tory government

07 February 2012
The battle of Saltley Gate is one of the high points of working class struggle in Britain.

Oppression in numbers

07 February 2012
Working class LGBT people in London face 43 percent funding cuts to health support organisations. Even benefit claimants with HIV are being forced into work Even before the crisis unemployment for trans people was triple the national average. In Brighton and Hove, 26 percent of trans people are unemployed. And 60 percent earn less than £10,000 a year Fifty percent of LGBT people work over the age of 70, compared with 6 percent of heterosexual people

This is a class fight, say Unilever strikers

17 January 2012
A second wave of strikes involving over 2,000 workers in three different unions was set to hit consumer giant Unilever from Tuesday of this week.

From peasants to workers

17 January 2012
Russia’s revolutionary movement at the turn of the century was shaped by the country’s large peasantry and small and historically young working class.

SWP conference 2012: How we can build the fightback in our workplaces

10 January 2012
Michael Bradley, an SWP industrial organiser, opened a session on class struggle and organising in workplaces.

Tories fear us getting a taste for our strength

01 December 2011
The 30 November strike showcased the power of the working class. Whatever the Tories might claim in public, they know that this action rocked the government like no other.

George Osborne: more misery to come

01 December 2011
George Osborne spat into the face of the working class last Tuesday.

Millions go to war on the Tories

01 December 2011
It was a historic day. Britain’s biggest strike since 1926 saw the working class march firmly on to centre stage of the political arena.

All out to win!

28 November 2011
Wednesday 30 November is a day socialist and trade union militants have longed for. After decades in the wilderness, N30 signals the return of mass working class resistance in Britain.

Mark Serwotka: Our vision for how to stop these cuts

22 November 2011
Let’s remind ourselves of the scale of the threats. There’s 1.3 million jobs to be cut in the next three years, services cut in every community across Britain, education cuts that mean working class kids won’t be able to afford further and higher education, and an abandonment of our pensioners.

France: Protests grow against Sarkozy’s austerity plans

08 November 2011
The French ruling class is desperate to hold on to its triple-A credit rating—and is attacking workers to do it.

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