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How does struggle grow?

27 October 2015
The system pushes workers to fight back and struggles can unexpectedly break out—but as Sadie Robinson argues, that doesn’t mean we should simply sit back and wait

Cultural vultures? Anti-racism and cultural appropriation

06 October 2015
Racism distorts culture and produces toxic stereotypes. But Ken Olende warns against throwing out the class solidarity that our rulers fear in opposition to ‘cultural appropriation’

What is class in the 21st century?

11 August 2015
Apparent changes to the way we work can make it seem as if the working class no longer exists. But Joseph Choonara argues that we still have the potential to change the world

Postcapitalism - Will the system die a natural death?

04 August 2015
Journalist Paul Mason's new book claims that a “post-capitalist” world can emerge without the need for a workers’ revolution—but his arguments don’t stack up, argues Dave Sewell

In Loving Memory of Work: Images of the miners’ strike capture a raw class anger

10 March 2015
Beautifully produced new book In Loving Memory of Work records the Great Miners’ Strike through its art, design and photographs, writes TUSC candidate for Barnsley Central Dave Gibson

Ed Miliband has shown he doesn’t get class

25 November 2014
If you want to get a sense of how Ukip’s rise is debasing political debate, you need look no further than the absurd martyrdom of “White Van Man”.

Whatever the election results - resisting austerity can undercut the racists

20 May 2014
Racism has dominated the run-up to the European and local elections in Britain. Anti-racists mobilised as the mainstream media gave maximum publicity to Ukip leader Nigel Farage and his party’s foul views on immigration.

Exposed! The reality of Britain at work

11 February 2014
Photographs by nine of the world’s leading photographers emerged from a Magnum project to document contemporary British manufacturing. The exhibition of their work, Open for Business, is a fascinating look at the world of work, writes Lesley McGorrigan

We're working class and we know it, finds British Attitudes survey

17 September 2013
Reports of the death of class consciousness have been greatly exaggerated according to the latest British Social Attitudes survey, says Sadie Robinson

Osborne's rotten recovery

10 September 2013
This week Tory chancellor George Osborne proclaimed the British economy is in "recovery". However, the grim reality for many in Tory Britain is unemployment, low pay, pensioner poverty, and an ever?growing class divide.

Does zero hours mean zero power?

06 August 2013
Anger is growing at zero hours contracts—but ‘casual’ jobs or worse conditions don’t automatically stop workers fighting back, writes Sadie Robinson

Where did capitalism come from?

16 July 2013
Talat Ahmed looks at how the system developed the way it did in different parts of the world and argues that there was nothing special about the West other than accident

Austerity backlash: how Tory policies hit working class women hard

30 April 2013
The Tories are ripping up the lives of working class women, according to a new report by the Fawcett Society, writes Judith Orr

What do we mean by class?

09 April 2013
As the BBC unveils a new system for defining class in Britain, Judith Orr explains what class means for Marxists —and how superficial definitions hide workers’ power

Ministers lie about jobless families

09 April 2013
Tory ministers refer to places in which “three generations of the same family have never worked”. But there’s little proof that such families exist.

Illuminating working class history

21 March 2013
Red Saunders, a founder member of Rock Against Racism, has recreated important moments in working class history in large scale photographs with costumed models.

Tory's crocodile tears for 'white male working class' students

12 January 2013
David Willets, the Tories’ universities minister, claimed last week that white working class men need a special campaign to encourage them to go to university.

International news round-up

31 December 2012
Monti will run against Berlusconi Italy’s ruling class is in turmoil once more in the run-up to next month’s general election.

Working class unity can challenge the sectarian riots in Belfast

11 December 2012
Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland have been gripped by an explosion of protests, riots and roadblocks at the hands of Loyalist paramilitaries.

Slovakian teachers leads the challenge to neoliberalism

11 December 2012
The ongoing teachers’ dispute in Slovakia has demonstrated the militant potential of a long sidelined working class.

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