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Gore Vidal: a rebel in the American establishment

07 August 2012
Eugene Luther Gore Vidal, who died last week, was a ruling class dissident—a radical leftist who came from the establishment. Many admire him for his elegant, incisive essays on US politics. But just as radical in their way were his novels and plays.

What Romney reveals

31 July 2012
The US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s recent international tour has revealed the vicious politics peddled by the US ruling class. Romney is super-privileged and ultra-rich—and he is not good at hiding that fact.

When the law lost: how mass strikes freed the Pentonville Five

31 July 2012
Today’s working class movement faces an urgent task. In order to spur on the fightback to austerity, organisation and confidence must be rebuilt at a rank and file level. But 40 years ago, rank and file workers’ power in Britain was a reality impossible to ignore.

Isles of Wonder? This is a land of class conflict

31 July 2012
Official events are so often simply a parade of nationalism and militarism that it came as a surprise to many when the Olympics opening ceremony did not just follow that pattern.

A glimpse of our real rulers

24 July 2012
The revelation that at least £13 trillion is hidden away in tax havens by the super-rich is a scandal. But it also gives a glimpse of the world’s ruling class.

The madness of Spain's rulers

17 July 2012
The 63 percent cut in mining subsidies and attacks on workers has been implemented by a right-wing Popular Party (PP) government that despises working class people.


17 July 2012
Don’t let government dismiss people like me This government despises the working class and many of its "welfare reforms" are aimed at emasculating us. The ruling class know that if we stand together we are strong. But it’s difficult to feel strong when you are claiming state benefits.

Anthony Cartwright: How I Killed Margaret Thatcher

17 July 2012
This is a story of a working class family in Dudley living under Margaret Thatcher.

Blame poverty not parents

10 July 2012
More and more children are going hungry in Britain. Around half of teachers regularly see pupils in their class suffering signs of malnutrition.

Households turn to payday lenders as four in five struggle to make ends meet

27 June 2012
The squeeze on working class wages is driving families and individuals into the arms of "payday lenders" that charge exorbitant interest rates, according to a new survey commissioned by the Unite union.

Ballots: the height of democracy?

26 June 2012
Our rulers encourage us to see ourselves as individuals, not as a class with collective interests and strength. They want us to feel divided and weak.

Crooked Cameron's Class War

26 June 2012
Millionaire toff David Cameron paraded his hatred of working class people this week with a wide-ranging assault on benefits.

The Angels’ Share: A measure of fun and frustration in Loach heist flick

12 June 2012
The latest from left wing director Ken Loach is a heist movie set among the web of petty and not so petty frustrations of working class life.

'The political pollution of the Met is extraordinary'

29 May 2012
The hackgate scandal has often focused on the hacking of celebrities’ mobile phones and emails. But the reason that it has caused such a stir among the political class is because it exposes the corruption that runs through the British establishment.

Pensions battle still key to beating Tories

22 May 2012
The TUC’s call for a march against austerity on 20 October is a brilliant opportunity to bring more workers into the struggle against the Tory attacks on our class.

Class conference clarifies crisis

15 May 2012
Up to 200 people attended a conference on Crisis, Class and Resistance hosted by the International Socialism Journal in London last Saturday.

Greece left vote could surge again

15 May 2012
Greece’s ruling class has every reason to be worried about new elections.

Greece shaken by poll result

08 May 2012
The results of the Greek general election have exploded in the face of the ruling class.

Cops’ march signals a ruling class in crisis

08 May 2012
When police officers march against a Tory government it shows that the usual order of things is breaking down.

Greek vote proves disaster for ruling class

07 May 2012
The results of the Greek general election have exploded like a bombshell in the face of the ruling class.

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