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Attack: working longer for less

24 April 2012
The Tories want to drive down the living standards of millions of public sector workers. They hope that this will strengthen them in a bigger battle against the whole working class.

Class Actions: Salford duo spits at the Sun

24 April 2012
Salford-based hip-hop duo Class Actions return with their latest single "Rip Up The Sun". The track doesn’t stop short at attacking the newspaper—it mounts a scathing onslaught on Rupert Murdoch’s entire empire.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night: Eugene O’Neill’s dramatic protest at middle class hypocrisy

17 April 2012
The Irish-American dramatist and Nobel laureate Eugene O’Neill is widely considered the father of modern American theatre. His most famous play, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, has just opened at the Apollo Theatre in London.

Teachers back more strikes against Tories

10 April 2012
This year’s NUT union conference was watched closely from across the working class movement, as teachers backed more strikes to stop the Tories’ assault on pensions.

Is there a new class of worker?

03 April 2012
The previous columns in this series looked at how the ruling class tries to weaken the working class by dividing it. It sets employed workers against unemployed, and those who claim benefits against those who do not.

The Hunger Games - dark science fiction with class struggle

27 March 2012
In the not too distant future what remains of North America is now the country of Panem. It is split into 12 different districts, each poorer than the last, ruled over by the wealthy Capitol.

Strikes sweep Egypt but old regime bites back

27 March 2012
There is no mistaking the raw class anger in strikers’ chants across Egypt these days. "Who are they and who are we?" is a favourite of striking workers at Cairo’s Public Transport Authority (PTA).

Cards depict Chartist leaders

27 March 2012
The Chartists of the 18th century were Britain’s first mass working class movement. They demanded basic democratic rights such as vote by secret ballot and the abolition of property qualifications for MPs.

Rank and file holds the key to this fight

20 March 2012
This hasn’t been a good week for the working class. The Tories are set to pass their healthcare bill and have started on the road to privatising the NHS. They are stealing people’s pensions and cutting jobs and services.

Plan B's Ill Manors is a class project that captures the rage of the estates

20 March 2012
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Workers can push back Tory attacks

13 March 2012
The Tories are waging war on the working class. From selling off the health service to attacking pensions and benefits, they are determined to drive down our living standards.

A long, proud history of working class struggle

13 March 2012
Picketing has an important history in the trade union movement.

How do we get rid of oppression?

06 March 2012
Some feminists and academics see class as just another inequality.

Do men help to oppress women?

28 February 2012
Last week I argued that locating women’s oppression within the family and the rise of class society helps us to understand why it exists.

Plans to bring Engels' 'Condition of the Working Class in England' to modern Manchester

28 February 2012
In the early 1840s a young German revolutionary called Frederick Engels spent three years in Manchester. He observed how rapid industrialisation had made working class lives a misery.

How class society led to women's oppression

21 February 2012
Women’s lives today are dramatically different to how they were just a few decades ago.

Melvyn Bragg on Class and Culture

21 February 2012
This three-part documentary looks at how class became a central issue in British culture as the 20th century unfolded.

The Muppets: a red turn for the green frog?

21 February 2012
"Why is being rich bad all of a sudden in today’s society? We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?"

Victory shows workers can win in struggle

21 February 2012
The electricians’ victory is a simple answer to those that say the working class isn’t a force or that unions are too weak to win.

Oppression in numbers

07 February 2012
Working class LGBT people in London face 43 percent funding cuts to health support organisations. Even benefit claimants with HIV are being forced into work Even before the crisis unemployment for trans people was triple the national average. In Brighton and Hove, 26 percent of trans people are unemployed. And 60 percent earn less than £10,000 a year Fifty percent of LGBT people work over the age of 70, compared with 6 percent of heterosexual people

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