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Racist EDL attack Brighton UAF meeting

12 April 2011
The racist English Defence League attacked a Brighton Unite Against Fascism (UAF) meeting of over 40 people on Tuesday of last week.

UAF holds regional conferences

29 March 2011
Liverpool conference on fighting fascism and Islamophobia. Called by Merseyside UAF and Merseyside LMHR in partnership with the Anthony Walker Foundation. With Max Levitas, veteran of the 1936 Battle of Cable Street.

Stoke campaign to remove remaining BNP councillors

12 March 2011
North Staffordshire Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (Norscarf) and UAF held a day of action against the BNP in Stoke-on-Trent last Sunday. The BNP has five councillors in Stoke and activists hope to reduce their number to zero after the May council elections.

Anti-fascist round-up

01 March 2011
Stoke takes on the BNP Supporters of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the North Staffs Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (Norscarf) in Stoke-on-Trent have launched their campaign to kick the remaining five BNP councillors out of the council.

Justice for Bolton: Police case collapses

18 January 2011
Paul Sutcliffe, a 45-year old Unite Against Fascism (UAF) supporter from Halifax, walked free from court on Thursday of last week after the prosecution case against him collapsed.

Join Luton protest against the racist EDL

04 January 2011
The English Defence League (EDL) is planning another racist rampage in Luton. But it will be met by a united, national protest organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Anti-fascists angry at police handling of racist protest

25 November 2010
Anger is growing in Preston over the police’s handling of a planned march by the racist English Defence League (EDL) this Saturday. Preston Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the Trades Council called a counter-protest and booked the Flag Market in the city centre as soon as the EDL announced their plans.

Round-up of anti-racist news

16 November 2010
•Charges dropped against UAF leaders

Police drop plan to charge anti-fascists for 'conspiracy' over Bolton demonstration

11 November 2010
The police have dropped their threat to charge leading Unite Against Fascism (UAF) members Weyman Bennett and Rhetta Moran, this week.

Thousands march against racism and Islamophobia

06 November 2010
More than 5,000 black, white and Asian people surged through central London today on a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) march against racism.

Join the national demonstration to drive the racists back

05 October 2010
The Unite Against Fascism (UAF) national demonstration against racism, fascism and Islamophobia in London on 6 November is a vital part of the struggle to drive back the threat of racism.

UAF launches anti-racist tour

05 October 2010
UAF is hosting a series of meetings across the country in the coming months. These include ones in Glasgow on 13 October, Birmingham on 16 October, London Metropolitan University on 28 October and Cambridge on 2 November.

Standing up to racist EDL thugs in Leicester

28 September 2010
More than 200 anti‑racists packed into a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) meeting to oppose plans by the racist English Defence League (EDL) to march in Leicester on Saturday 9 October.

TUC delegates join Unite Against Fascism fringe meeting

14 September 2010
Some 60 people attended a lively and serious fringe meeting organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) at the TUC on Monday night.

Martin Smith - 'I will appeal and clear my name'

09 September 2010
Unite Against Fascism (UAF) national officer Martin Smith will appeal against his conviction by magistrates this week for assault on a police officer. He has issued a statement, thanking his supporters and confirming that he will challenge the verdict.

Movement's support for Martin

07 September 2010
"The National Union of Teachers sends its support to Martin Smith and has full confidence in the aims of UAF and Love Music Hate Racism and support their democratic right to demonstrate."

Join the protest at court to defend anti-fascist Martin Smith

05 September 2010
Support is growing for Unite Against Fascism (UAF) officer Martin Smith who is due to appear in court on Tuesday of this week.

Protest at court supports anti-fascist Martin Smith

04 September 2010
More than 200 people crowded onto the pavement outside the magistrates court in south west London on Tuesday morning to support Martin Smith. Martin, who is a national officer of Unite Against fascism (UAF) and also national coordinator of Love Music Hate Racism, was arrested on the protest outside the BBC when BNP leader Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time.

Movement on trial on 7 September

24 August 2010
Anti-fascist activists will gather outside a London court to show their support for Unite Against Fascism (UAF) national officer Martin Smith as he stands trial next month.

UAF backed protest in Bradford goes ahead despite EDL march ban

20 August 2010
The Home Office announced on Friday a ban on the racist English Defence League's (EDL) proposed march in Bradford on 28 August.

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