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Anti-fascists confront Nazi Marine Le Pen in Oxford

06 February 2015
Some 400 anti-fascists turned out to confront Europe’s leading Nazi Marine Le Pen in Oxford yesterday, Thursday.

Join protests to stop Nazis in Oxford and Dudley

03 February 2015
protests in Oxford and Dudley this week will be key in the fightback against racism and Islamophobia.

'We need to stand up to racism and fascism in Europe'

27 January 2015
When anti-racists march in Britain on Saturday 21 March, they will be joining an international movement—particularly important in Greece.

March in Oxford and Dudley to keep Nazis in the gutter

27 January 2015
Anti-fascists are organising to take to the streets. Europe’s leading Nazi and leader of the French Front National, Marine Le Pen, is set to speak at the Oxford Union on Thursday 5 February.

Should fascists be allowed freedom of speech?

27 January 2015
Socialist Worker believes that Nazis should never be allowed to speak publicly or organise openly.

Reports round-up

06 January 2015
Dnata airport strike threat wins small pay rise | Unity statement against racist EDL in Dudley | Hundreds at vigil for Leelah Alcorn | Post Office strikes are off after talks | Love Activists cook up housing protest | Freedom Riders protest over cuts

Big turnout against the Nazis in Rochester

18 November 2014
Some 40 Britain First fascists were humiliated in Rochester, Medway last Saturday. 

'We beat Nick Griffin - now keep up the fight'

07 October 2014
The fascist British National Party (BNP) has expelled former leader Nick Griffin.

After Rotherham abuse horror - don't let the Nazis divide us

09 September 2014
The English Defence League (EDL) is trying to whip up racism in Rotherham following the horrific child abuse detailed in a recent report.

Anti-fascists oppose National Front in Oxford

29 July 2014
Three anti-fascists were held by police. Oxford UAF will campaign for any charges to be dropped.

Anti-fascists can be proud of getting rid of Nick Griffin

29 July 2014
Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, says hard fought victories led to the BNP sacking its fuhrer Nick Griffin

Anti-fascists set to meet to discuss victories and new challenges at UAF conference

10 June 2014
The Unite Against Fascism conference will look at how we beat Nazi Nick Griffin and what has to be done next, reports Annette Mackin

EDL demo is a flop in Nottinghamshire

27 May 2014
The racist English Defence League called a “memorial rally” in Sutton in Ashfield, north Nottinghamshire, last Sunday.

Victory for anti-fascists as Nazi Nick Griffin gets the boot

27 May 2014
Nazi British National Party (BNP) leader, Nick Griffin, was booted out of the European parliament in election results announced last Sunday.

How we're driving Nazi Nick Griffin out of the north west of England

13 May 2014
Activists across the north west of England have been campaigning to stop Nazi Nick Griffin being re-elected as an MEP in the European elections on 22 May. Annette Mackin travelled around the region speaking to people about the campaign and how to stop the fascists

Police protect EDL thugs on march in Rotherham

13 May 2014
Around 250 anti-fascists stood up to a national mobilisation of the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Rotherham on Saturday of last week.

Anti-fascist news round-up

06 May 2014
Campaign to get rid of Nazi Nick Griffin in the North West continues, while anti-fascists returned to the Isle of Dogs, east London, to commemorate a victory against the Nazi British National Party 20 years ago

Anti-fascist news round-up

15 April 2014
The latest from UAF's Nick Griffin Must Go Campaign. Plus the court case against five anti-fascists arrested at UAF demo against the BNP last year is dismissed.

Don’t let Nazis Griffin and Brons represent us in Brussels

01 April 2014
Fascists Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons are campaigning to keep their seats in the European parliament. Annette Mackin recalls their unpleasant histories

List of banners on the Stand Up to Racism and Fascism demonstration in London

25 March 2014
Banners spotted on the Stand up to Racism and Fascism demonstration in London

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