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Thousands unite on Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protests

23 March 2014
Defiant Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protests took to the streets across Britain yesterday, Saturday. In London around 7,000 people marched while more than 1,000 protested in Glasgow and another 500 in Cardiff.

Unite and fight to stop the racists

18 March 2014
This Saturday’s Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protests are a chance to push back racist scapegoating. 

How we're resisting the racist poison

18 March 2014
Anti-racist activists from across Britain talk to Socialist Worker about their hopes for the future

Anti-fascists block Hungarian Nazis’ London rally

26 January 2014
More than 200 anti-fascists blockaded the exits to Holborn underground station in central London cornering members of the Hungarian Nazi party Jobbik.

Racist EDL outnumbered in Bristol

14 January 2014
Some 100 people turned up in Bristol to oppose the English Defence League (EDL) at very short notice on Tuesday of last week. 

Campaigner's prepare to kick out BNP's Nazi Nick Griffin as MEP

26 November 2013
Around 80 people attended the Nick Griffin Must Go regional confrerence organised by North West Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in Liverpool last Sunday.

Demonstrators in Liverpool and Bradford say no to the Nazi threat

15 October 2013
Thousands marched in Liverpool against fascism on Saturday of last week.

Sheffield stands against EDL demo

24 September 2013
Some 250 people joined a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest in north Sheffield to oppose a rally by the racist English Defence League (EDL). 

Arrested anti-fascists get together to fight back against police intimidation

17 September 2013
A meeting for anti-fascists arrested on the day of a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest on 7 September in east London was set for Wednesday of this week.

Video of Whitechapel Unite Against Fascism demonstration on Saturday

09 September 2013
Thousands of people came to Tower Hamlets in east London last Saturday to black a march by the racist English Defence League. Once again the racists said they would march into the borough and once again Unite Against Fascism and other anti-racists stopped them. Video by TerryDee99

Police guilty of human rights abuse at Bolton UAF demo

03 September 2013
Greater Manchester Police have paid three anti-fascist protesters a five figure sum each in compensation

Anti-fascists protest against the EDL in South Shields

03 September 2013
Around 200 anti-fascists opposed the English Defence League (EDL) and North East Infidels in South Shields last Saturday.

Racist EDL loses 2-0 in Bolton and Luton football protests

27 August 2013
Racists from the English Defence League (EDL) failed to disrupt the Goals for Gaza charity events held in Bolton and Luton last Monday.

Anti-racists organise after attack on mosque in Essex

27 August 2013
Arsonists tried to burn down Harlow Mosque, and their plans don’t end there. That’s why we must march against the racists in London, says Annette Mackin

Anti-fascists turn out in force against three racist marches

20 August 2013
Hundreds of people blocked marches by the racist EDL and SDL—and are now building for a major protest in east London, writes Annette Mackin

No to Nazis in Manchester

13 August 2013
Activists from across the left put on a show unity after fascists attack Socialist Worker paper sale

Activists determined to block East London EDL march

13 August 2013
Annette Mackin reports on the growing opposition to the English Defence League in Tower Hamlets

Taking on the Nazis in Greater Manchester

06 August 2013
Around 35 people joined a protest in Leigh, near Wigan, called by Unite Against Fascism.

Londoners prepare to turn out against racist EDL in Tower Hamlets

06 August 2013
Anti-fascists in east London are mobilising to stop the English Defence League (EDL) marching in Tower Hamlets—again.

Racists launch new attacks, but EDL London march is a flop

02 July 2013
Racists have carried out a wave of attacks on Muslims since the killing of soldier Lee Rigby, reports Annette Mackin

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