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15 March 2003
ANTI-NAZI activists canvassed homes in Beeston in Leeds following the firebombing of an Anti Nazi League member's car last week. The Nazi BNP thinks it can win a council seat in Beeston. Most people were disgusted with the actions of the Nazis and very happy to sign our petition. Mick Dear

Help to combat the Nazi threat

08 February 2003
THE BRITISH National Party wants to try to appear respectable in the run-up to the council elections this May. The Anti Nazi League is urging people to get active against the BNP Nazis and help expose their true Nazi face.


11 January 2003
AROUND 30 people joined the Anti Nazi League leafleting campaign in the Mixenden ward in Halifax last Sunday and they received a good response. The BNP Nazis are standing a candidate in a council by-election on Thursday 23 January. Some residents said our leaflets were "brilliant" and offered to get some copied for friends and colleagues. Some said they were shocked and frightened when BNP materials came through their doors.

Talking about a 'world on fire'

14 December 2002
HEARTLESS CREW are one of the leading acts behind the Anti Nazi League's Love Music Hate Racism organisation. They played at the carnival in Manchester in September and at the London launch party on Friday last week.


07 December 2002
TRADE UNIONISTS and campaigners met in Burnley last Saturday to discuss how to campaign against the Nazi threat across the north west of England. The mood at the conference, sponsored by the Anti Nazi League, was serious and determined after the election of three British National Party (BNP) councillors in Burnley and one in Blackburn.

Rhythms of resistance to Nazis

30 November 2002
AFTER THE huge success of the anti-racist carnival in Manchester in August, the Anti Nazi League (ANL) is launching Love Music Hate Racism as a national campaign. We want to use it to target the areas where groups like the Nazi BNP and NF are trying to grow. Music is a very good way of getting people involved in the fight against the Nazis. Lots of people are getting in touch and saying, "Manchester was great - we want to do something in our area." There have been gigs in Barrow-in-Furness and Oldham. There are others coming up in Huddersfield, Burnley and Blackburn. The leader of Sunderland council has approached us to set something up there. Trade unions are getting involved.

Anti-Nazi and anti-racist

14 September 2002
SUPPORTERS OF the Anti Nazi League launched a leafleting campaign in Brislington, in Bristol, after the area was targeted by the Nazi BNP. The Nazis distributed their propaganda after a local meeting with BNP leader Griffin.

Manchester ANL carnival: black and white unite against the Nazis

07 September 2002
The biggest anti-racist event in the north of England for two decades struck a major blow against the Nazi British National Party at the weekend. Some 30,000 people joined the day-long Anti Nazi League "Love Music-Hate Racism" carnival in Manchester on Sunday.


31 August 2002
ANTI-RACISTS held a speak-out against racism, organised by the Anti Nazi League, on Eltham High Street, south east London, on Saturday. It followed two more serious racist attacks. Two weeks ago a 14 year old black boy was hospitalised with a broken jaw after he was attacked and racially abused by a white man in his twenties.

Keep building the carnival

10 August 2002
BURNLEY'S Labour council has moved to stop the Anti Nazi League holding its "Love Music-Hate Racism" carnival in the town. The ANL is vigorously fighting this disgraceful decision. But there is absolutely no doubt that the carnival will be going ahead, and in the north west of England.

Anti Nazi League

22 June 2002
THE CHART-topping band Chumbawamba launched an attack on the BNP, after announcing they would play in the Anti Nazi League (ANL) concert in Burnley on 27 June.

BNP threat

15 June 2002
THE NEED to build a united mass campaign to counter the rise of the far right was the central theme of the Scottish Anti Nazi League (ANL) conference held on Saturday. A total of 130 anti-racists took part.

Against racist attacks

15 June 2002
SATURDAY SAW dozens of people meet to collect signatures for an open letter against racist attacks on Llanelli mosque (full story on page 2). Mohammed Ashraf collapsed and died within minutes of the attack. The petitioners included Quakers, the Welsh Socialist Alliance and the Anti Nazi League, among others.

Anti Nazi League

25 May 2002
OVER 100 Anti Nazi League supporters lobbied Burnley council's meeting on Thursday of last week, which the three newly elected British National Party (BNP) councillors attended for the first time. This was the meeting where the council leader was elected and councillors were selected for committees.

Battle begins to beat Nazi BNP

18 May 2002
BLACK, WHITE and Asian people took to the streets against the Nazis in Burnley town centre last Saturday. Up to 1,500 people joined the protest called by the Anti Nazi League. Burnley residents, young and old, joined with trade union members and anti-racists from across Britain.

Anti Nazi League

11 May 2002
AS THE news of the BNP's victory in Burnley circulated, anti-Nazi campaigners across Britain took to the streets in protest. Over 100 people turned up in Bristol on Friday and marched, to a great reception from passers-by. People marched to the BBC to demand no platform for Nazis.

Opposition can beat them back

04 May 2002
THE ANTI Nazi League mobilised hundreds of people to oppose the BNP during the council elections.

Join anti-Nazi campaign

04 May 2002
HUNDREDS OF anti-Nazi campaigners were out leafleting last weekend in the council wards targeted by the British National Party (BNP). Over 250 people managed to leaflet every house in Burnley in the north west of England, where the Nazis were putting up 13 candidates. About 100 campaigners joined Anti Nazi League leafleting in Oldham, also in the north west.

Mood is to resist

04 May 2002
THE NEWS of Le Pen's election breakthrough in France broke on Sunday night. I felt I had to do something. So I did a collection at work the following morning. The response was inspiring. It raised £178 for the Anti Nazi League. I work at Marconi, the company that has gone belly-up and may still collapse. It is making redundancies, and that has had a terrible impact on the atmosphere at work.


27 March 2002
Over 260 people attended an Anti Nazi League (ANL) meeting in Leeds University on Wednesday of last week. Many people were eager to campaign against the Nazis, particularly against the BNP election candidate who is a student at the university.

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