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Anti Nazi League

Anti Nazi League

22 June 2002
THE CHART-topping band Chumbawamba launched an attack on the BNP, after announcing they would play in the Anti Nazi League (ANL) concert in Burnley on 27 June.

Against racist attacks

15 June 2002
SATURDAY SAW dozens of people meet to collect signatures for an open letter against racist attacks on Llanelli mosque (full story on page 2). Mohammed Ashraf collapsed and died within minutes of the attack. The petitioners included Quakers, the Welsh Socialist Alliance and the Anti Nazi League, among others.

BNP threat

15 June 2002
THE NEED to build a united mass campaign to counter the rise of the far right was the central theme of the Scottish Anti Nazi League (ANL) conference held on Saturday. A total of 130 anti-racists took part.

Anti Nazi League

25 May 2002
OVER 100 Anti Nazi League supporters lobbied Burnley council's meeting on Thursday of last week, which the three newly elected British National Party (BNP) councillors attended for the first time. This was the meeting where the council leader was elected and councillors were selected for committees.

Battle begins to beat Nazi BNP

18 May 2002
BLACK, WHITE and Asian people took to the streets against the Nazis in Burnley town centre last Saturday. Up to 1,500 people joined the protest called by the Anti Nazi League. Burnley residents, young and old, joined with trade union members and anti-racists from across Britain.

Anti Nazi League

11 May 2002
AS THE news of the BNP's victory in Burnley circulated, anti-Nazi campaigners across Britain took to the streets in protest. Over 100 people turned up in Bristol on Friday and marched, to a great reception from passers-by. People marched to the BBC to demand no platform for Nazis.

Opposition can beat them back

04 May 2002
THE ANTI Nazi League mobilised hundreds of people to oppose the BNP during the council elections.

Join anti-Nazi campaign

04 May 2002
HUNDREDS OF anti-Nazi campaigners were out leafleting last weekend in the council wards targeted by the British National Party (BNP). Over 250 people managed to leaflet every house in Burnley in the north west of England, where the Nazis were putting up 13 candidates. About 100 campaigners joined Anti Nazi League leafleting in Oldham, also in the north west.

Mood is to resist

04 May 2002
THE NEWS of Le Pen's election breakthrough in France broke on Sunday night. I felt I had to do something. So I did a collection at work the following morning. The response was inspiring. It raised £178 for the Anti Nazi League. I work at Marconi, the company that has gone belly-up and may still collapse. It is making redundancies, and that has had a terrible impact on the atmosphere at work.


27 March 2002
Over 260 people attended an Anti Nazi League (ANL) meeting in Leeds University on Wednesday of last week. Many people were eager to campaign against the Nazis, particularly against the BNP election candidate who is a student at the university.

Stopping BNP breakthrough

16 March 2002
THE NAZI British National Party (BNP) hopes to make a historic breakthrough in the local council elections in seven weeks time on 2 May. Anti-Nazi activists are mobilising to stop it. The annual conference of the Anti Nazi League (ANL) was held in Manchester last Saturday.


09 March 2002
We can tip the balance I've been out with the Anti Nazi League (ANL) canvassing against the British National Party (BNP) in Oldham. We campaign in so called "white areas" such as Hollingwood and South Chadderton. Nazis from the BNP are targeting these working class areas. They have some of the most run down estates and deprived streets of terraced homes. You can see the years of neglect.


02 February 2002
The Anti Nazi League will be holding its conference in early March as the fight to stop Britain's Nazis moves into a crucial phase. The Nazis are convinced that they can win council seats in the local elections in May 2002. The BNP and NF Nazis are targeting areas across Britain including the north west, the Midlands, the north east and east London.

Outrage in Oldham

20 October 2001
OLDHAM COUNCIL, led by the Liberals, has given racists a boost by withdrawing permission for the anti-racist Respect Festival, which was planned for the town this Saturday. It had been organised by a broad coalition, including Oldham United Against Racism, North West Region TUC and the Anti Nazi League. The festival was expected to bring together 10,000 black and white people, most of them young.

Anti-Nazi protest

29 September 2001
ANTI NAZI League activists, other anti-fascists and local residents protested in west London outside the Shirland Road Nazi "charity shop" on Saturday. The protest got off to a great start when we discovered that the Nazis had chosen not to open the shop for the day.

Build resistance to the BNP Nazis

11 August 2001
DAVID BLUNKETT, the home secretary, has banned the Anti Nazi League (ANL) carnival in Burnley set for 1 September. The carnival was to be a celebration of multiracial society in the face of the support for the Nazi British National Party (BNP) in the north west of England in the recent general election.

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