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Paul Foot

United in battle for the class

United in battle for the class One of the most exhilarating and exciting things about the miners’ strike is the mobilisation of women, writes Paul Foot.

Paul Foot's The Vote: why we've always had to fight for our rights

Paul Foots The Vote: why weve always had to fight for our rights I read Paul Foot’s The Vote when it first came out in 2005, and have come back to it again since.

Paul Foot’s The Vote

Bookmarks, the socialist bookshop, is raising funds to reprint Paul Foot’s classic The Vote. Please phone 020 7637 1848 if you can help out.

...and it's not just at Eton

Paul Foot, who went to Shrewsbury public school, once wrote, "The main characteristic of the school I went to was barbarism."

Eamonn McCann wins Foot award

Socialist Worker would like to congratulate Eamonn McCann on winning a special lifetime campaign award as part of the Guardian/Private Eye Paul Foot awards.

Paul Foot: How capitalism corrupts Labour politicians

Paul Foot: How capitalism corrupts Labour politicians The history of the twentieth century in Britain has shown that whenever a Labour government in parliamentary office has found itself in conflict with the class wielding economic and industrial power, the government has been resisted, humiliated or defeated, usually all three.

Chinese Whispers: Exposing the exploitation of migrant workers

06 May 2008
John Pilger recently edited a book of articles by investigative journalists including Martha Gellhorn, Robert Fisk, Seymour Hersh and Paul Foot, written over recent decades.

Reviews round-up

22 April 2006
The Vote: How it was won, and how it was underminedby Paul FootPenguin £9.99 The campaigning, socialist journalist Paul Foot’s final book is the story of the fight for democracy in Britain. It is just out in paperback.

Tony Benn reviews Paul Foot's 'The Vote'

26 February 2005
Tony Benn reviews Paul Foot’s last book, The Vote: How It Was Won and How It Was Undermined.

Democracy: an ongoing struggle

26 February 2005
In the light of Paul Foot’s last book, The Vote: How It Was Won and How It Was Undermined, Paul O’Brien discusses the link between the vote and the fight for democracy

Recommendations from Bookmarks, the socialist bookshop

26 February 2005
To mark the publication of The Vote: How It Was Won and How It Was Undermined by Paul Foot, Bookmarks and Penguin are holding an evening of discussion with Tony Benn, Lindsey German and Michael Rosen in the Council Chamber, TUC Congress House, Gt Russell Street, London WC1, Tue 1 Mar, 7.30 for 8pm (Tickets £2.50 from Bookmarks). Order The Vote now from Bookmarks at the special reduced price of £20 (normally £25). Add £3 postage and packing.

'Touch of genius with words'

31 July 2004
‘The thing that surprised me was the way Paul Foot could approach workers. The first time I saw this was when I took him to see some pickets out on strike in the 1970s.

Paul Foot 1937-2004

24 July 2004
Paul was a brilliant socialist writer, a speaker more able than any other to make people see what was wrong with capitalism, a tireless campaigner against injustice, and an investigative journalist whose revelations caused the resignation of a Tory cabinet minister and exposed the corruption of businessmen, big and small.

Tributes to Paul Foot: ‘He chose to be a traitor to the ruling class’

24 July 2004

Paul Foot on Toussaint L'Ouverture and the great Haitian slave revolt

24 January 2004
This month saw the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Caribbean republic of Haiti after a revolutionary uprising against slavery.

Brent election rally

20 September 2003
EAMONN McCANN made a rousing speech at a rally in support of Socialist Alliance candidate Brian Butterworth on Monday of this week. The rally was held three days before the Brent East parliamentary election which takes place on Thursday of this week. Over 80 people heard from film director Ken Loach, journalist Paul Foot and local people disillusioned with Blair.

Hitting streets for Paul Foot campaign

12 October 2002
CAMPAIGNING ACTIVITY for Socialist Alliance candidate Paul Foot to be the first directly elected mayor of Hackney stepped up another gear last week. By Sunday night our eight page election newspaper had been delivered to tens of thousands of households. Our open-top battlebus took to the streets on Saturday, and Paul has been enthusiastically greeted at meetings large and small throughout the borough. Socialist Alliance members and supporters showed solidarity with striking council workers on Tuesday 1 October, visiting picket lines and handing out a special "Foot for mayor" leaflet.

Foot for mayor

05 October 2002
VOTING STARTS this Saturday in the election for mayor of the east London borough of Hackney. The campaign for the Socialist Alliance candidate, journalist Paul Foot, is gathering pace. Last Sunday campaigners were out across all areas of Hackney delivering a special eight-page newspaper. Paul has recently addressed groups of campaigners fighting for disability rights and against nursery closures.

Paul Foot

28 September 2002
PAUL FOOT, the Socialist Alliance candidate for mayor of Hackney, was one of the speakers at the borough's 200-strong anti-war meeting last week. The campaign continues to gather pace, and this week stepped up another gear with the start of the mass delivery of an eight-page newspaper to every Hackney household.

Paul Foot condemns council plot

21 September 2002
PAUL FOOT, the Socialist Alliance candidate for mayor of Hackney in east London, has helped to expose manoeuvres linking the election process and the council's strike-busting operation against library workers.

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