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The terror gang in the White House

22 September 2001
Not fighting for civilisation GEORGE W Bush claims he is fighting terrorism in the interests of democracy and freedom. But behind George W Bush stands his father, George Bush Sr-one of the worst terrorists ever.

Islam, the US and terrorism

22 September 2001
GOVERNMENTS and the media are saying that they do not want the destruction of the World Trade Centre to lead to a racist backlash against Muslims. Yet they have contributed to such an atmosphere by virtually equating Islam with irrational violence for more than a decade.

Coalition of hypocrites

22 September 2001
The bloody record of Bush and his allies GEORGE BUSH has used the horror of the attack on the World Trade Centre to "rally the world against international terrorism". The US wants to launch a revenge attack. It is targeting not just those behind the attacks in New York, but any state that dares to stand up against it. Bush wants to present whatever he does as a justifiable attack on an "evil" enemy, part of what he and Tony Blair present as a war of "civilisation" against "barbarism".

Marxism and terrorism

15 September 2001
THE DEVASTATING attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in the US have seen politicians and press unite to denounce those responsible as "evil terrorists" with no regard for "the sanctity of human life".

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